Why Choose the Manual Pole Saw

Know All About Manual Pole Saws!

The world continues to evolve and advance technologically every day. And as technology advances, we have become too reliant on using power tools over the manual tools. Though that might be the case for some people, others still prefer manual tools. And that’s because even without power or batteries, you’ll still be able to operate a manual tool. 

Especially in regards to chainsaws and pole saws, many professionals prefer using a manual pole saw over a battery or electric-powered pole saw. A pole saw is a handy tool for you to have, especially if there are several trees in your property. 

Why Choose a Manual Pole Saw 

No Installation Required 

There are manual pole saws that are available in the market that requires you to put a bit of effort into assembling it. But there are others where you don’t need to bother yourself with assembling or installation and is ready to be used straight out of the box. A manual pole saw is a simple plug and play, you just attach the saw at the tip of the pole and you’re good to go. 


If you are having financial troubles and deem electric pole saws to be an impractical investment, a manual pole saw is a great alternative for you. Manual pole saws are reasonably priced, or you can even make one yourself. 

Beginner Friendly 

If you are new to using pole saws, you should start with a manual one. A manual pole saw isn’t entirely risk-free, but compared to the battery and electric powered chainsaws, you are much safer. That’s because with a manual pole saw, you are in control of everything, while automatic chainsaws produce a lot of kickback and may lead to injuries. 

Extended Reach 

With manual pole saws, you can reach higher branches and twigs that are 20+ ft high, as opposed to automatic chainsaw where its usual maximum height is only at 14-18 ft. You also get more control with a manual pole saw over a vibrating electric saw. 

Isn’t Weather Dependent 

With a manual pole saw, no matter what the weather is, you can use it outside. Not like electric chainsaws where you can’t use it outside when it’s raining. Just note that it isn’t advised to work outside if the conditions aren’t ideal even while using a manual pole saw. 

Stands the Test of Time

Anything that has electrical components to it tends to get damaged over time. And that’s why electric or battery-powered pole saws need to be maintained frequently. Manual pole saws on the other hand, no matter how long you haven’t used it, will still be functional. You only need to replace the rope or string, sharpen the saw blade, and you’re good to go again. 

Environment-Friendly and Energy Efficient 

When you operate a manual pole saw, the only thing that it’ll consume will be your energy, and no other else. Gas and electric powered pole saws, on the other hand, will need fuel to function. The gas-powered pole saw being the worst offender of them all as it uses fossil fuels and produces emission.