What to Look for When Buying a Professional Chainsaw

If you browse around the market, you’ll come across different types and kinds of a chainsaw, but not are all meant for professional use. If you’re looking for a professional chainsaw that can function no matter how demanding the job is, you need to consider a few things. 


As a professional, you will need a heavy-duty engine that can handle the heavy and demanding workload. You’ll want to choose a chainsaw that can power through any logs or trees, no matter the conditions are. There may be more convenient chainsaws such as electric or battery-powered ones, but there’s only one type of chainsaw that can provide you with unrivaled cutting power, and that is a gas-powered chainsaw. 

That’s why as a professional, you need to consider how much power your chainsaw engine can produce, especially if you’re always dealing with large trees. But if you’re only cutting small trees, find a lower ranged model, but still has enough power to get the job done. 

Bar Length 

A chainsaw is specifically designed to cut through wood, and you want something that gets the job done easily and quickly. With an efficient chainsaw, not only can you save energy, but you also get to finish your job quickly, and can move on to other projects with your spare time. 

When you’re shopping around for a professional chainsaw, take into consideration what type of job do you frequently do. If you’re frequently downing gigantic sycamore trees, you need a long bar. Chainsaw bars often range from 10 to 24 inches, some even longer than that.

Chainsaw bars that are in the 10-19 inches range are meant for average workloads, while bars that are 20 and over are meant for heavy-duty cutting. 

Ease of Use 

Chainsaws are a convenient and powerful tool; it’s also a dangerous tool. It’s ranked as one of the most dangerous power tools. You don’t want a chainsaw that is too heavy to hold, has awkward handles, strong kickback, and vibrates a lot. That kind of chainsaw puts you at risk of injuries and saps your strength rather quickly. 

Look for a chainsaw that is lightweight yet powerful so you can still do your job efficiently. Look for chainsaw models that have ergonomic and rubberized handles for better grip. Remember that aside from power, your comfort also matters. 

Easy to do Maintenance 

It’s expected for a tool that’s constantly used to cut through thick logs and trees to be under constant and intense wear and tear. If you don’t do maintenance on your chainsaw, no matter how the top of the line it is, it’ll lower its lifespan. 

Chainsaws need proper and constant maintenance to keep it in top shape. And if your chainsaw is in top condition, you can do your job a lot quicker, and you don’t lose any new opportunities and projects just because your chainsaw is out of commission. 

Professional chainsaws are specially designed to be taken apart and reassembled in no time, it also allows you to replace any defective parts quickly. Look for chainsaws that are designed for easy maintenance, that way you save time and money.