How to Use a Battery-Powered Chainsaw

Winter is fast approaching and you are now out to stock on firewood and even cut down or prune some trees that which branches can break due to the weight of the snow. You now opt for a fast and time-saving way of getting the job done⁠—electric chainsaws.

Electric chainsaws come in two kinds: corded or battery-powered (cordless). In this article, we will be focused on the cordless chainsaw which is battery operated. 

What are the benefits of using a battery-powered chainsaw? Our answer is weight. These cordless chainsaws pack some power despite being so light. They’re not cumbersome or tiring to carry, which reduces the possibility of muscle pain or strain after the pruning/chopping. 

Battery-powered chainsaws are also environment and health-friendly. Traditional chainsaws usually need an oil/gas mix to make it run, which produces very toxic fumes. This can make you dizzy or nauseous while using the chainsaw. Dangerous because you can get into an accident. In a click, you can now operate the chainsaw without any horrible smell.

You can use battery-powered chainsaws for lighter duties like trimming brushes, cutting smaller logs, or even just sprucing up your tree. This contraption will save you time as compared if you use an axe. It will save your health as compared to using the gas types. 

Lastly, your electric chainsaw produces less noise compared to the gas type. You will have a smoother workday without violating any possible noise violation in the neighborhood. Most machines right now are doing their best to make less noisy machinery. 

Now before reading our guide always remember that chainsaws are powerful and can be dangerous when handled incorrectly. So pay attention and read our guide well before you start chopping away. 

How do I use a battery-powered chainsaw?

The chainsaw has 3 main parts: 

  • Powerhead- where the high-speed electric motor is located
  • Chain- what cuts the trees, there are many kinds of these depending on what you’ll cut down.
  • Bar- the place where the chain saw is wrapped around

A clutch exists so that the motor keeps on running even if you’re idle. Compared to its gas counterparts. Electric chainsaws can get to its maximum speed upon starting. 

Check Inertia chain brake

the law requires all chainsaws to have this fail-safe brake just in case a “kickback” happens. This is when a chainsaw spins back at you due to the saw catching or snagging on something and the force causes it to spin back at the user. This event often causes serious injury to the user. So always make sure it’s there. 

Press the throttle

switching your chainsaw on, this button allows you to control the speed of the chain. 

Use the Rear handle

the handle is the pivot point where you direct the upward or downward motion of the entire machine 


You are good to go and off to cutting or pruning! 

Turn your chainsaw off

After cutting you may now lower the speed and turn your chainsaw off.