How to assemble chainsaw helmet

chainsaw helmet is an important piece of equipment that’ll keep your face and all other parts of it safe from flying debris when operating the chainsaw. Without a chainsaw helmet, your face is left unprotected, exposing yourself to injuries and accidents. The earmuffs are also a great addition to avoid getting your ears damaged from the loud noise a chainsaw creates.

Oftentimes when you purchase a chainsaw helmet, you need to assemble it and it would come with complicated instructions.

This article aims to provide further assistance to those who are having a hard time assembling their chainsaw helmet.

Install Suspension Straps

You need to connect the two suspension straps and set it to a configuration where it’s tight enough to not fall off your head, but not too tight where your movements are restricted. Once you’ve adjusted it to your preference, connect the straps in properly until it snaps and locks itself.

If your chainsaw helmet has anti-perspiration bands, make sure that you position it at the front of the helmet.

Install Ear Muffs

At the top part of the exterior of your helmet, you can find two slots there that are meant for earmuffs. Once you’ve located the two slots, insert it in until you hear a click. Make sure that you are inserting the earmuffs in its proper slot.

Once that’s done, adjust the cups of your hearing protectors accordingly to the desired pressure. This is to make sure that the ear muffs stay in place. When not in use, you can slide the earmuffs at the back or on top of your hat, thanks to its joints.

Chainsaws are loud, so you must keep your ears protected as much as possible to avoid it being permanently damaged. Although ear muffs can’t fully cancel all the noise, it reduces it enough that your hearing won’t get affected with the constant exposure to the loud sound of a chainsaw.

Installing of Front Shield

Before you can even install the front shield, you need to install the ear protections first. Once you’re done with the earmuffs, you can now insert the base of the front shield inside of the ear protection’s base.

The front shield also has three different settings to choose from. You can slide the spikes to get your preferred configuration of how far you want your front guard to be.

Now all that’s left is to equip the mesh or plastic visor on to the front guard. You then need to align the three holes of the visor to the locks of the front guard, insert it in, and twist the locks to secure the visor.

Make sure that you can freely raise the visor, if not; you can easily adjust your visor at the base of the earmuffs to find your preference.

With you wearing a chainsaw helmet, it makes operating a chainsaw a little bit safer than without wearing one. Never sacrifice your health and safety just to save a little bit of money. Get yourself a chainsaw helmet now and protect yourself.