2019’s Best Small (Or Lightweight) Chainsaws – 10 Products Reviewed

A chainsaw is one of human kind’s greatest invention and has been around for quite some time now. It’s considered to be one of the most resourceful and useful invention, especially when it comes to cutting, chopping, and getting wood that is being used in construction.
But you can’t possibly buy the standard and traditional chainsaw for residential use, although the power and cutting ability it provides is unmatched, it’s way too bulky and big, and even expensive for a normal household.

Best Overall Small Chainsaw

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Makita XCU02PT

Rather, you can get a more compact and lightweight version of the chainsaw. A smaller and more lightweight version of a chainsaw will be more than enough to deal with your gardening work, be it for pruning trees, trimming or cutting down branches, and even sharpening the small chainsaw blade is easier than other types.

If you have a large property, a ranch, or a professional gardener/landscaper, a small or lightweight chainsaw would be a perfect addition to your arsenal of tools, and that’s because of the limitless applications that are possible with a chainsaw, and most of all, it’ll make your work easier.

How We Chose The Best Small Chainsaw

But choosing a small chainsaw that would meet your needs and demands can be a tedious process, and that’s because of the different types and brands of small chainsaws that are available in the market. Especially if you don’t know what to look for, that will be an even bigger headache.
How can you know what’s the best chainsaw available to you if you don’t know what to look for? Luckily, we’ve done all the searching for you, and have come up with a list of the best small chain saw in the market right now, as well as a buying guide to help give you some insight.

Table: Top 10 Best Small Chainsaws

Best Small Chainsaws - 10 Chainsaws Reviewed

The first on our list is the Makita XCU002PT Cordless Chainsaw Kit, and understandably so. It’s rare to find a chainsaw that has little to no faults at all, and this chainsaw is one of them. If you’ve heard about the brand Makita, then you’d already know how great their products are, but if not, then this review will show you.

Makita XCU02PT



This chainsaw is designed and engineered for light cutting work on home property. It’s equipped with the latest and some advanced feature that other chainsaws dream of having, and that’s why this cordless chain saw has cemented its number one spot on this list.

In regards to the performance and handling, it’s as user-friendly as it gets. Setting up doesn’t take too much time, too. Just equip the chainsaw with two 18 volt batteries, top-up the reservoir with oil, and you are good to go.

Starting the chainsaw is as simple as pressing the lock-off button, and then squeezing the trigger, while if you release the trigger, then the saw would immediately stop. For others, it may seem like a bad design, but for professionals, it’s a great design to keep the user safe.
Any tasks that involves a chainsaw will have a lot of starting and stopping, and in between those, you don’t need to leave the saw constantly running, and it’s one way of avoiding any accidents while also making the chain saw convenient to use.

There are two powerful 18V Lithium-Ion batteries included with this chainsaw, so you can work a long time by using this battery power.

And it when it comes to handling, this product is surprisingly light, weighing in at only 10 pounds, and sitting at the middle weight-wise compared to the other battery-powered models.
To provide the user with more control, Makita has designed the handle of this product to be rubberized, which gives the user more grip and control.
It’s also user-friendly, no matter if you’re a newbie or an experienced person using the said tool, thanks to its overload protection system. There are certain situations where the saw is pushed to its limits, thus draining an abnormally high amount of power from the battery, and if left alone, could potentially damage the batteries and the device itself.

But thanks to the overload protection system, when the equipment reaches extreme conditions, it’ll automatically shut down, and will only restart once it’s cooled down.
This saw is capable of cutting through branches and logs that are 10 inches in diameter, and some users have claimed that it’s capable of even more. Portability, efficiency, reliability, and power – this saw has it all, and will certainly be a great addition to your household.

Makita XCU02PT Cordless Chainsaw Kit

This chainsaw is not suitable for the heavy-duty performance because it just has the simple sharp-edge sideboard which is only used for simple cutting tasks.

The second one is from Tanaka, which is a brand known for their innovative research and design in the industry, and that’s why it’s not surprising that all their products are of high-quality, and this product is no exception.




The gas-powered Tanaka TCS33EDTP Chain Saw is a compact yet powerful chainsaw that will certainly not fail you. Effortlessly cut through logs and branches with this product’s 14-inch cutting bar, powered by a fuel-efficient engine that could stop and start easily. This product is built solely for commercial and residential pruning, cutting, trimming, and hobby work.
This product features a 32.2-cc two-stroke Pure Fire Engine, which makes work a lot easier, providing power to allow the user to effortlessly cut through logs and branches, all while consuming much less fuel compared to other light chain saws.
The two-stroke engine is another innovative feat from Tanaka as it has ultra-low emissions without the assistance of any specialized parts, while the sprocket nose bar, paired with the Oregon chain provides much easier control over the equipment.

Even though it’s constructed with lightweight materials, it serves strong and durable. That’s why the manufacturer recommended this for any territorial areas.

The TCS33EDTP is no-fuss no-hassle equipment, all you need to do is top-up the oil reservoir and the automatic oiler will do the lubrication for you when operating the equipment, while the easily adjustable chain tension allows you to adjust the chains on the fly to your preferred setting.
Other features of this product are the half throttle choke, coupled with the purge primer bulb, allows you to easily start the chainsaw and warm it up before use. It’s also equipped with features that promote comfort such as the anti-vibration system, rear air filters, and a built-in lanyard to allow you to strap in the chainsaw to minimize fatigue and stress on the body and maximize power output.

Tanaka TCS33EDTP Top Handle Chain Saw

The motor will produce the excess amount of noise so it may make some disturbance to the surroundings.

This top 10 list wouldn’t be complete without Greenworks. They have been consistently designing and manufacturing top-of-the-line tools and equipment that’ll certainly make anyone’s life better. The latest addition to their arsenal is the Greenworks 16-inch 40V Cordless Chainsaw.

Greenworks 16-Inch



This equipment is equipped with a brushless motor that enables the engine to provide longer run-times while still providing more torque and power to the chains, resulting in less wear and tearing on the product, extending its lifetime in the process.
Greenworks has this feature that most of their motors are compatible with their other products, and as such, you can mount a Greenworks blower into this motor without any problems.
It’s equipped with a 16-inch bar and chain with a tool-less way of adjusting it according to your preference, providing high cutting performance, while the 3/8 inches chain pitch delivers the right amount of force, capable enough of cutting any tree limbs and branches while producing minimal kickback.

This chainsaw contains less vibration so you can easily and effortlessly operate this saw and you will get an excellent cutting experience with its less vibration system.

While using the chainsaw for overhead cutting, you can safely grip it using the rear handle which is over-molded to provide the user with more control, precision, and comfort. It’s also equipped with a 40-volt battery system that is compatible with other Greenworks products and is powerful enough to provide the same power as a gas-powered chain saw.

With the battery equipped in this product, you won’t have to worry about it dying on you, as it’s capable of doing 150 cuts of 4×4 treated lumber in a single battery charge.

The length of the chainsaw is 16-inches which is not suitable for  people who need to cut huge and hard trees.

One thing that you should never expect from a battery-powered chain saw is that it will have a hard time cutting massive pieces of wood, or may not cut it at all, unlike gas-powered chainsaws where it has more power and torque.




A battery-powered chainsaw may have certain limitations in regards to power output, but that’s about it. This product will have no problems dealing with light cleanup, cutting, trimming, and pruning jobs. One big advantage of a cordless chainsaw is its portability. The compact and lightweight size allow you to bring this equipment almost anywhere.
Its battery carries enough charge to cut 60 pieces of 4×4 treated lumber in a single full charge, while only needing 120 minutes to charge itself back up to full. It can be a limitation if you only have a single battery, but you always have the choice of purchasing another one to serve as back-up.

In the industry of power and gardening tools, Black and Decker is an established brand and it’s no surprise that they have developed and created the LCS1240, a nearly perfect cordless chainsaw that is efficient in its job. In a chainsaw, the most important thing, other than power, is its weight and it being user-friendly, both properties in which this product has.

The fully wrap-around handle is designed in this chainsaw provide comfortable grip to you while cutting down trees.

The handgrip is ergonomically designed and cushioned with a rubber coating to provide the user with great comfort. The vibration that you feel through the handle is so minimal that it’ll barely affect you. There is also an automatic oiler that keeps your chainsaw lubricated during use, which may seem irrelevant to others, but if you ask experienced users and professionals, you will likely receive a different opinion about it.
It’s equipped with a standard chain bar that produces minimal kickback, and as far as safety goes, everything passes the standard. The equipment is sturdy and durable enough to withstand constant vibrations and constant use.

Due to the high energy demand of the motor,  some additional batteries are required for the long-time work.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the brand Remington somewhere, and it’s no surprise as they have been around since the 1920s. They have since been re-branded into Remington Power Tools Division when they were acquired by the Remington Arms Corporation, which both brands are known to produce high-quality tools for either commercial or residential use.

Remington RM4216



Here is why you should consider the Remington RM4216 as your next light chainsaw. This product is designed to be lightweight and yet still deliver a powerful cutting ability with an easy start feature that is capable of doing any gardening, cutting, trimming, and pruning work, and is even precise enough to be used as a sculpting tool.
The RM4216 is powered by a 42-cc engine with enough power to be able to cut through a hardwood log, without the need to consume excessive amounts of fuel, and on top of that, produces minimal vibration and noise, so you won’t be bothering your neighbours.

Due to the high-durability metal construction and the sharp-edge blades you can cut the branches and trees up to 20-inches.

In regard to the bar length, it has a 16-inch bar, which is sufficient enough for any gardening and lumber needs. On top of the equipment producing fewer vibrations and noise, another feature that would improve comfort is less kickback.
And if you don’t realize it by now, Remington focuses on the comfort of the users and its appearance on the design of their products, but what about safety? The instant on and off switch are exactly meant for that. If you find yourself in a dangerous situation, you can instantly turn off the chainsaw and the chains would immediately halt, and there’s also the chain brake and throttle lock design, which is to avoid the chainsaw being engaged by accident.

It is constructed with a rugged and heavy materials, that’s why it’s not consider as a lightweight product.

This cordless chainsaw is perfect for doing the minor cutting, trimming, and pruning jobs around your property, and would make a great addition to your arsenal of gardening tools. Why? Because it’s equipped with advanced features and is manufactured by a well-known and trusted power tools brand.




This equipment is more suited for light to medium cutting and pruning of branches that are ten inches in diameter, as per the manufacturer. It’s a cordless battery powered chainsaw which allows you to bring it anywhere, perfect for light pruning and close quarter cutting, and what’s great about this product is that it’s lightweight and maneuverable, granting you total control over the device, perfect for reaching awkwardly positioned branches.
With it being battery powered, it’s very advantageous to bring during camping or outdoor trips. You can argue as to why not bring a gas-powered chainsaw? Bringing a gas-powered chainsaw would be overkill when all you need and want to do are light activities and jobs with it.
As for the cutting equipment, this product is equipped with a 10 inch Oregon with minimal kickback bar and chain. When it comes to manufacturing of quality guide bars and chains, Oregon is the way to go.

Unlike gas models that require multiple pull starter, the LCS1020 comes with a start button and sliding safety lock. To activate the saw, you just need to push the safety lock through the handle.

This product is user-friendly, and it’s evident by the markings that are found in the guide bar showing which direction the chain is to be fitted. That information may seem obvious to experienced users, but for those who are using  said product for the first time, it might save them a whole lot of trouble.

When it comes to the materials used in constructing this chainsaw, it’s made out of hard plastic and metal, which makes it a bit lighter compared to chain saws that are made with pure metal, although compared to other chainsaws, this product isn’t that robust.

In regard to safety, this product prevents accidental starts by a simple lock-off button that is sitting right on top of the rear handle, which also works hand in hand with the trigger switch. There are bound to be flying debris when cutting a log in half, and splinters are annoying – luckily, the rear handle is designed to protect the right hand for any flying debris.

Since the LCS1020 is specifically designed for use with a 20-volt lithium-ion battery, it does not accept a 40-volt battery.

The WORXWG303.1 Powered Chain Saw is an electrical type of chain saw that offers great manoeuvrability and control to the user, yet sturdy enough to cut and trim branches, to keep your yard looking fresh.




It’s equipped with an automatic chain tensioning system that would prevent the chains from over-tightening, which can cause serious problems if it snaps because of being too tight. The built-in chain in this product is equipped with a brake for the safety of the user and is also carefully engineered and designed to significantly reduce kickbacks.

Although it is an electric unit, it provides standard power supply. Furthermore, it emits significantly less noise than most of its gas-powered competitors.

When it comes to lubricating the chains, you don’t have to worry about that anymore, as it’s built with an auto oiler mechanism that would automatically and constantly lubricate the chains when in use. All you need to do is to check on the oil levels and top it up if it’s too low.
It’s equipped with a 14.5 Amp motor that can power through most branches and logs without any problem, from light work to medium cutting, the motor will have no problem functioning. The power the motor of this produces is comparable to that of a gas-powered chainsaw.

The chain adjustment knob is slightly larger and loosens itself by rolling against the wood in tight areas.

The top manufacturer of chains have produced their own electric chainsaw, and that’s the Oregon CS1500. It’s considered to be the first-ever self-sharpening corded electric saw that’s available in the market. It’s equipped with a high powered 15 Amp motor, and it’s equipped with all the features and conveniences of a traditional electric chainsaw.

Oregon CS1500



It can immediately start with a single pull of a trigger, requires minimal maintenance, and emits less noise to not disturb your neighbors, and to top everything off,  it boasts the self-sharpening system. Even while the chainsaw is in use, you can immediately sharpen it in a second for a much smoother cutting experience.

Oregon CS1500 is the only chainsaw  built with Integrated PowerSharp Technology System that will make your cutting job much easier.

With an 18-inch bar, it has that perfect reach to tackle most, if not, any job that’s needed to be done in your yard. It has an automatic oiler that would keep your chain and bar lubricated when in use, especially useful for high demand situations, to avoid your chain from snapping.
Weighing in at only 12.9 pounds, this lightweight chainsaw will provide you with the much-needed control and  maneuverability to access those awkwardly positioned branches and leaves, while not adding too much pressure and fatigue on your body, allowing you to work for longer amounts of time without getting exhausted.

The chain integrated with this saw can slip off the bar if not regularly checked and properly tensioned.

The Greenworks 20222 delivers in all fronts, from comfort, durability, reliability, and performance, this product has it all. This eco-friendly cordless chainsaw is equipped with a 10.5 Amp motor that could effortlessly cut through medium-sized branches and logs.

Greenworks 14-Inch



The lightweight design of this product, weighing in at only 8 pounds, ensures that the user is comfortable, and is not exposed to too much vibration and pressure from the chainsaw for maximum control and manoeuverability through tightly intertwined branches.
Compared to gas-powered chainsaws which produce a lot of noise when operating the equipment, this electrical chainsaw is the total opposite. It’s a lot quieter than a gas-powered chainsaw, and also has less kickback and vibrations. The only downside is that you are much more limited in terms of range when it comes to corded electrical chainsaws.

This 14-inch eco-friendly chainsaw offers you multiple unique features at a very economical rate. Thus you can receive multiple benefits from just one chainsaw.

Unlike cordless chainsaws, this equipment can work non-stop provided that there’s power. Besides cutting branches, this chainsaw can be used for much simpler tasks like clearing out any debris or trimming and cutting.
With the heavy-duty 9 Amp motor and the 14-inch bar working hand in hand together, this electric chainsaw can tackle tough and demanding tasks with ease. Provided that you aren’t cutting anything too thick, you’ll be done with your tasks before you even know it.

The 9 Amp motor does its job well; however, if you ever stumble upon a major project, you can’t expect it to serve you better.

The last on our list is another product from Remington. The RM1425 is a lightweight corded electrical chainsaw, weighing in at just 6 pounds, this product is easy to control and operate which is perfect for residential use.

Remington RM1425



With this chainsaw, trimming and cutting through branches has never been easier. With a single squeeze of a trigger, the 8-amp motor immediately comes to life, easily cutting through any branches, leaves, and debris that you might want to clear.
It’s equipped with a manual oiler, and with a single push of a button, it disposes just  the right amount of oil to lubricate the chains and the 14-inch low kickback bar. This feature is important to prevent the chains from snapping when it’s too dry.

It comes with a handguard on the front and back for operator protection and can be easily lubricated as it has a manual push button.

Easily adjust the chain’s tension with the external tension adjuster, allowing you to change it exactly to match your preference, even while using  said equipment. It’s also equipped with a handle guard that would keep your hands safe from any flying debris.
Upon purchase and arrival of this product, you can immediately use it straight out of the box. No more of that tedious process of assembling.

Because of its design, sawdust and wood chips often accumulate in the machine, so it requires constant cleaning.

Buyer’s Guide on How to Choose the Best Small Chainsaw

When it comes to any purchase, especially with tools, you need to evaluate and ask yourself; where and what can I use this tool for? That is especially important when it comes to shopping around for chainsaws.

If you own a property or  living in an area where there are lots of wood, and you need to stock up on some woodpiles for the winter, you definitely could use a much more heavy-duty chainsaw, one that can effortlessly cut through trees and thick trunks. The better and higher the quality of a chainsaw, the more time you’ll save in cutting those logs, and you must not forget about safety. Using the right tool, meant for the right job, and is operated properly, is the most reliable way to ensure your safety.Using the right tool, meant for the right job, and is operated properly, is the most reliable way to ensure your safety.

If you only need occasional firewood, just to set the ambience of your home, or just to gather some wood for the winter holidays, then you can get by with a medium-sized saw. It’ll still allow you to cut through decent sized pieces of wood.
On the other end, if you realize that all you need is some minor pruning, trimming, and minor cutting of branches, then you can get by with a lightweight or small chainsaw. This is useful for days when your hedge trimmer just doesn’t do the job, or you want to clear out some overshooting branches, or cut down some saplings, a small chainsaw is sufficient for the job.

How To Choose The Best Small Chainsaw

If you’ve assessed your needs and your situation, it’s now time to take a look at certain factors that need to be considered when shopping around for your next chainsaw.

Bar length 

A bar length is usually measured in inches and is often the basis of the length of the blade as well. Some of the smallest and compact chainsaws in the market have a six-inch bar, while the more professional ones have a 36-inch bar. The length of the bar would indicate the maximum range and distance that your saw can get through. If you want to cut a log with a 20-inch diameter, you would need a bar length that’s 20 inches or more for a smoother cut.
If you only need the chainsaw for your backyard, a 14-inch bar is sufficient enough. But it’s best not to limit yourself when it comes to bar length.

Power Source 

There are three different power sources of a chainsaw which are electricity (corded), gas, and batteries (cordless).
The most powerful out of the three is the gas-powered chainsaw, and on top of that, will be equipped with a much bigger saw, and that’s why most professionals prefer to use a gas-powered saw, especially when dealing with big trees and thick logs.
Battery-powered saws are sort of  in the middle when it comes to power. And in the many years, and the advancement of technology, it’s slowly becoming on par with the gas-powered chain saw, and soon enough might be even. What battery-powered chainsaw gives you is  portability, but  it may lack in power, and also there’s a chance that the battery will die on you during use, so it’s important that you prepare some back-up batteries.

Chain Maintenance 

Through normal and constant use, chains will sooner or later dull and loosen up, and that would make your saw much less effective in terms of cutting, and worse, may become a safety hazard. A loose chain can fall off the bar anytime you’re using it, which can cause some serious injuries, and dull chains won’t effectively cut anymore.

Look for chainsaws that have an oiling mechanism, and if you can’t be bothered to stop and check from time to time, there are automatic oiling systems available in the market right now that would simply lubricate the chains and bar automatically during use. However, the regular maintenance of chainsaw will offer extended usage and lifetime.


Chainsaws are normally very noisy, especially gas-powered ones. If you want a more subtle chainsaw with minimal noise, go for electric or battery-powered chainsaws.


Every year, there are thousands of chainsaw related accidents that happen in the United States alone, and it’s no surprise as the chainsaw is in the top 10 for the most dangerous power tools. There are a few steps that you can take to ensure that you’re safe when operating the chainsaw, one of those steps is to read the manual carefully, another would be to wear safety gear.

If you don’t mind the extra investment, go for chainsaws that are equipped with the quick start and stop function. There are also chainsaws in the market that are equipped with safety locks to avoid the chainsaw from accidentally starting.

Final Words 

There are thousands of choices available to you when shopping around for chainsaws, all with varying features, designs, and price tags. If you’re a professional lumberjack, gardener, or landscaper, then I’m sure you already have a product that you prefer. But for some people who are only dealing with lighter problems, we’ve narrowed down the field for you and provided you with a list of the best lightweight/small chainsaws.

Hopefully, we have provided you with some useful and insightful information that would help you in your decision in choosing the best chainsaw that would meet your needs.

Disclaimer: If you purchase any product in this post, we may receive a small commission. We promote only the products which we test and recommend. Read our affiliate disclaimer here.