10 Best Manual Pole Saws of 2020 [Guide & Reviews]

Cutting overhead branches and leaves that are high above the ground, and generally out of reach for a normal human being, would require a specialized tool that is sturdy, flexible, versatile, efficient, and most of all, high quality – and that is why the manual pole saw is used.

Best Overall Manual Pole Saw

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Silky New Professional Series 179-39

However, if you’re in need of one, it can be quite an overwhelming and tedious process in looking the right one for you. And that’s because manufacturers keep on one-upping each other, resulting in thousands upon thousands of products and choices that are available in the market, and each one of them has unique features and designs that would be good for a certain situation, and not so good in others.

How We Chose The Best Manual Pole Saw

The manual pole saw is a tool meant specifically for efficiently cutting and trimming branches. Some of you may know this tool by its other name, a tree or pole pruner. One great advantage of using a manual pole saw over the other types is that it provides you with a lot of control and manoeuvrability. This is an ideal tool to use when you only need to do some minor trimming and cutting. 

In this article, we’ve reviewed ten of the best manual pole saw available in the market, in the hopes that it will help you narrow your choices down, allowing you to choose the best manual pole saw that’ll meet your needs.

Table: Top 10 Best Manual Pole Saws

Best Manual Pole Saws - 10 Saws Reviewed

The first product on our list is the latest product and series from Silky. It’s equipped with a telescoping pole with 4 sections and is able to extend three times to the maximum length of up to 21 ft long. 

You may worry about the sturdiness of the product if it’s extended that long, but not with this product. The telescoping pole is made out of aluminum, which can withstand the pressure of the weight, providing the user with perfect control of the pole saw.

Silky New Professional Series 179-39



The overall weight of this manual pole saw is just at 6.9 or 7 pounds, which is light enough for anyone to use. Once done cutting and pruning, you can easily detach the saw head without the need for any tools, so you can cut the fallen branches to a much more manageable size.

This tool is a perfect addition to your home and gardening tools. Silky’s durable and efficient manual pole saw is perfect for pruning, trimming, and cutting up overshooting branches, lawn and garden maintenance, and even for commercial use.

The sharp and steady blade of this saw helps to act as a multi-purpose pole saw. The sharp blade is never stuck in between the work so it can be easy to work in multiple fields.

The tip of this pole saw is a custom scabbard with a sharpened hook tip, perfect for pulling stuff that gets stuck on a tree, keeping the blade consistently positioned when cutting, and more. As said above, the pole can extend up to three times for maximum reach, while the locking mechanism secures the pole tightly to avoid any slipping. 

While the blade itself is made out of Japanese steel, strong enough to be able to cut through a 7.7-inch thick log, and with a blade length of 15-2/5 inches. 

Just as a precaution to anyone using a manual pole saw, and for this product specifically, is to not use the said product within 50 feet of any power line. Failing to heed this warning may result in serious injuries due to electrocution.

Silky Professional Series Landscaping Pole Saw

It doesn’t have some accessories which are needed to the user, so the user has to purchase some parts separately.

The second one on our list is the ARS LA-180ZR203 Long Reach Pruner. You might be confused about the pruner/pole saw interchanging in this article, but as above, a pruner and a pole saw are the same product, so the terms may be interchangeable. This the most straightforward pole saw in the market today. It’s very simple to use but is efficient in its job in cutting and trimming branches that are one to two inches in diameter.

ARS LA-180ZR203



Operating this equipment is very straightforward, only requiring you to operate a single lever that activates the scissor blade, which is forged and made out of aluminum, ensuring its durability. The simplicity of how to use this product allows anyone to use it, even without prior experience. 

It’s equipped with a telescopic pole that allows you to retract and extend this pole, having a minimum length of 4 ft and can extend to a maximum of 7 ft. On top of that, the pole saw is very lightweight, so it doesn’t take too much effort to operate it. 

Weighing at only 2.2 pounds, it may be the lightest manual pole saw that’s available in the market right now, and the lighter the pole saw, the more manoeuvrability and mobility it offers, without needing much strength to control it.

A Die-cast aluminum blade is used in this saw which is very lightweight and helps to improve the durability of the pole saw.

When it comes to comfort, on top of having a very lightweight pole, the grips are also ergonomically designed and is then covered with rubber to maximize handling comfort. 

One last thing is that the swing neck has the ability to adjust effortlessly while in use from 0 to 30 degrees. This is very useful when reaching awkward branches and leaves.

ARS LA-180ZR203 Long Reach Pruner

The maximum length of the pole is 7 feet. This saw cannot be used to cut the branches on tall trees, and it only cuts branches with a diameter of lesser than 1-1/4 inches.

A tree in your garden is a very great addition, but the extra branches, not so much. Trimming and cutting those branches is not an easy task if you don’t have the right tool that is, but with the Fiskars Chain Drive Extendable Pole Saw and Pruner, it’s a much easier job to do, as it’s well suited in dealing with those pesky branches that are high up.




This product features fibreglass shaped like an oval which helps the pole reach certain angles and directions to reach those awkwardly positioned branches. And the same goes for the pole, it’s made out of fibreglass and aluminum for maximum durability and sturdiness, and also has a maximum reach of 16 ft.

The saw is capable of cutting through different logs with varying diameters because of its advanced cutting mechanism. Usually, a manual pole saw is only good for cutting up thin branches and logs, but with the advanced feature, this manual pole saw is able to cut through thick large branches, and that’s thanks to the precision-ground steel pruner, being able to cut an 11/4 inch thick branch. The saw itself contains 15 inches of hooked WoodZig saw.

It has a double-grind saw. With this saw, the user can easily remove the large 12-inch branches, and the precision-ground steel pruner ensures the proper cutting of the branches.

Snagging is a major issue when it comes to cutting and trimming tree branches, and as a result, the engineers and designers at Fiskar have decided to equip this tool with a compact head, which would significantly reduce the risk of snagging when using this tool. 

One important design that this pole saw has is the locking feature, which prevents the pole from sliding or turning on its own, making it harder to control, and can potentially cause injuries. This product is equipped with a dual locking system to ensure that the pole is as straight as ever.

Fiskars Chain Drive Extendable Pole Saw (2)

The blade of the saw gets dull after some use so it is more likely to get stuck at the time of cutting the branches and there is no chance to upgrade the blade of this model.

Another product from the reliable Japanese brand is Silky. The SILKY 272-18 Ultralight Pole Saw is professional-grade equipment that features a 13-inch blade with 6.5 teeth per inch. While the precision-ground system and the razor-sharp teeth of the blade allow it to effortlessly cut through branches and logs, while also having the ability to cut through four different angles, allowing the user to get to awkwardly positioned branches, and to effortlessly cut them.




While the taper-ground system allows you to save more energy by reducing drag, the oval-shaped pole that’s made out of aluminum gives you unmatched precision and control on the blade itself, which is very important when it comes to cutting branches that are high up. On the other end of the pole, it’s equipped with anti-shock properties and a rubberized grip that’ll ensure the comfort of the user.

It comes with a dual lock system which helps to make solid construction. This pole saw is used for both professional and domestic purposes.

To prevent any unwanted movement and the pole sliding down, the Zubat Ultralight Pole Saw is equipped with two locking mechanisms to support the pole and promote maximum structural strength. The spring-loaded locking mechanisms allow the pole to be extended to great lengths, while the friction clamps ensure the safety of the user by holding the extended pole in its place. The telescoping pole can extend up to 13 ft and boasts a 7.7 ft minimum length. 

If you want a sturdy and reliable pole saw that doesn’t bend easily, then the Silky Telescoping Zubat Ultralight Pole Saw is just the right one for you.

According to some users, it is difficult to operate the saw, so some users need a proper manual to operate this saw.

Lengthwise, this pole doesn’t have that much range, when fully extended, it can only reach up to six feet in length, but quality-wise, this product is top-notch. This product is equipped with a blade that is thirteen inches long and is specially designed to give the user maximum precision and control when cutting. The design of this blade makes it so that it doesn’t get stuck or bend whenever cutting a branch.




The ARS SC-EXW18 Telescoping Pole Saw is an ultra-lightweight product, only weighing at 1.7 pounds, so you don’t have to exert much effort in carrying it, and rather just focus on cutting. It may be super lightweight, but the material that’s used in making this product is no joke. 

It’s sturdy and durable, although it doesn’t eliminate the bending and wobbling, it significantly reduces it to the point that the user won’t notice it, making it a tool that’s easy to use, even without prior experience.

The blade of this saw will give a precision cutting, and this pole saw is perfect for thorny bushes and weeds.

The pole of this product can be retracted to a mere four feet by simply pushing the silver lever in, which makes it a great tool for cutting hedges, bushes, and inaccessible branches. If you don’t need more than six feet of reach, then the ARS SC-EXW18 Telescoping Pole saw would be a great addition to your tools.

The length of the pole is only 6 feet, so it will not help to cut the branches in a tall tree. For this purpose, the user may need a ladder to cut the branches. 

If you need a pole that has an extended reach, then the Jameson LS-6PKG Pole Saw is the way to go. This product comes with 3 poles, with each pole measuring at 6 feet. If you utilize the three, you can get a reach of 18 feet, supported and secured by an external spring lock that holds the three poles in position, that way you avoid the pole from turning and detaching whenever in use.




With this manual pole pruner, you can interchange between two blades, one is the Baracuda blade, a 16 inches long blade, and the other thirteen inch Jameson blade. Having those two options can provide a lot of flexibility in your options, depending on how thick the branch or log you’re cutting is. 

Although the quality of this manual pole saw is top-notch, it’s lacking in the comfort department. It doesn’t have an ergonomically designed grip, so if you’re picky about that, this might not be for you. Whenever you use this product, you may feel that it isn’t stable or great to operate, and that may turn you away, but other than that, this product’s quality is great.

With the help of the sawing blade, you can easily handle the small to medium-size branches.

Another downside is that the blades tend to slip whenever you’re cutting something, and it can potentially cause an injury, so be wary about that when using this product. This pole saw is more equipped for heavy-duty jobs, great for professional use, but other than that, there are other better options in the market, especially if you have a higher budget. 

Overall, this product performs slightly above average, and the price is reasonable and will give you satisfactory results.

The length of each pole is 6 feet. When the user attached the three poles, it is tough to break to the bond of the poles.

The latest innovation of Fiskar is the 9240 telescoping Pruning Stik and the seventh on our list. Cutting and pruning any branch has never been easier than with this product, and that’s because this product provides unrivalled control and precision during cutting whether high or low. No more aching knees from cutting low, and no more risking yourself by using a ladder with this tool.

Fiskars pole saw



The rope-free design of this product allows you to utilize both your hands for better control and power when using this tool, while the ergonomically designed, easy to grip sliding handle ensures that your actions are fluid, simple, yet powerful.

This pole saw has a nice design with the rotatory head. The user can easily cut the branches in any direction without any difficulties.

The ball that’s equipped at the tip of the shaft allows the user to reach into branches that are awkwardly positioned, or reach even higher up without sacrificing precision and control. The head can rotate up to 230 degrees which allows you to navigate, prune, and cut tricky angles. 

While the 15-inch saw blade itself allows you to cut through tougher branches and logs, the telescoping pole extends to a maximum of 12 ft. The Power-Stroke chain-drive provides you with the much-needed cutting power.

The material used in this product is not durable. So this pole saw may break in a hard situation.

Manufactured by Milliard who pride themselves in manufacturing safe, quality, and comfortable products. It’s their goal and their priority to produce and make products that will meet their customer’s needs and will satisfy them, and their latest addition, the Milliard 6-16 Foot Extendable Pole Saw will surely do just that.




Cutting pesky overshooting branches and leaves have never been easier with this product, and that’s thanks to this product’s sharp blades with a 1.25-inch cutting aperture, which is considered to be the thickest in the market. If a branch can fit into the blades, then it can snip it. No more worrying and dragging the pesky cord with you, no more batteries dying on you, the power is literally in your hands. 

If you hate the process of sharpening your tools, then you will love this product as you don’t have to go through that tedious process for a long time, and that’s because the blade that’s equipped in this product is tempered with high-carbon steel that would keep its edge over the years, even with constant and prolonged use. It’s the same forging technique and quality that’s used in creating knives.

The foam grip handle of the saw is adjustable. So the user can comfortably use this pole saw for cutting the branches.

On top of that, each saw tooth of this product has three sides that are sharpened in order to attain that maximum cutting power with every stroke of the pole saw, basically doubling the results in a single stroke. The blades are also designed to have a non-stick surface to allow a much smoother cutting process. 

The pole is able to extend to a maximum of 14 ft, reaching and sparing no branch because of reach restrictions during cutting. And talking about the pole, it’s reinforced with fibreglass, making it sturdy, durable, and strong enough so it won’t bend and wobble during use.

This saw is not fitted with any machine powered by battery or electricity. So you need to put your energy.

If you want a cheaper option but still get the job done, you can try and get the Gilmour 16-inch Curved Blade Pole Saw. It’s equipped with a 16-inch curved blade, with anti-stick properties, and is then attached to a pole. The anti-stick property comes in handy when you are cutting a tree that excretes sticky sap or resin, as it allows you to cut through the branch smoothly.

Gilmour 20-18 16-Inch Curved Blade



The three octagonal poles are designed to fit each other, to reach a maximum height of 18 ft. It’s not the tallest pole saw in the market, but it’s sufficient enough for commercial and residential use when it comes to cutting and trimming. 

The back is also designed to have a branch hook, which allows you to easily hook in and break weak branches, usually used to pull down any branches that are stuck after cutting. It’s a great feature to have, especially if you have a lot to cut and trim.

It is made of aluminum material which ensures durability and it is also resin resistant so it is used on sticky branches.

The handle is made out of solid fibreglass, which makes it sturdy and durable, all the while keeping it lightweight, which is great for manoeuvrability and control, while the blade, pole bar, and the hook are all made from cast aluminum, which ensures durability and long life.

The saw uses the very flimsy pole connectors. By this, it is hard to control for the user. So there are some difficulties to cut in the desired direction.

Reaching and cutting high branches has never been easier with Fiskar’s 93016059J Extendable Tree Pruner. It’s equipped with a power-lever technology that increases and boosts leverage to provide you with double the cutting power than any other traditional tree pruners.

Fiskars 14 Foot Power-Lever Extendable Tree Pruner



While the user-friendly and lightweight pole has the ability to extend itself up to a maximum of 14 feet, which is more than sufficient to reach the branches high up and cut them. The blade itself is coated with anti-rust properties and low-friction coating, which makes cutting branches a lot smoother – it is capable of cutting a 1-1/2 inch branch, while the fifteen-inch saw blade can easily tackle a thick branch.

It comes in an affordable price with its high-quality structure and solid blade and with this the user can save some money.

The quick-release thumb lock allows the user to quickly secure or extend the pole to their desired height without the need to use other tools.

The maximum height of this saw is 14 feet so the user can only cut the branches up to 14 feet height level.

Things to Know Before You Choose a Manual Pole Saw

Getting yourself a manual pole saw is a great way to keep any overhead branches and leaves in check, which also promotes a safer way to maintain your garden and the trees that are in your property. It’s also a great tool to cut off any branch that is poking your walls, fences, and windows.

How To Choose The Best Manual Pole Saw.

But, you should know the right pruning techniques to do it properly. Here is a YouTube Video that explains different manual pruning techniques for you.

You may be overwhelmed by the products and the information given to you on our review, and hopefully, this guide may be able to help you be more informed. This buying guide will contain the factors that need to be considered whenever you’re debating on what manual pole saw to get.

Pole Length 

There are many pole saws in the market with different mechanisms to extend its length. Some pole saw utilizes segments that need to be connected. The method in which how a pole extends doesn’t matter too much, provided that it’s sturdy, reliable, and is well made. What matters in this factor is that how long you want the pole to extend.

One way of determining this is to take a step outside and estimate the distance between the ground and the highest branch that you see. See and evaluate the work that needs to be done right now and in the future. Most poles that are available in the market have a minimum length of 4 feet, sometimes less, but one thing that you should never do is to limit yourself with regard to pole length.

Pole material

When looking around for a pole saw, only search for ones that are made with fibreglass or aluminum, as those two are the most high-quality materials used in making a pole saw. There may be other high-quality materials that are being used to create pole saws, but the most important thing is that the material is lightweight yet sturdy enough to withstand the weight.

When it comes to operating or using the tool, your only means of controlling the blade is through the pole, and if you have a wobbly pole, be it through the vibration, or a pole that’s not sturdy enough to withstand weight, you will never progress with your work, and if the pole is too heavy, it will take too much energy operating the tool and would exhaust you before even finishing your work.

And you most definitely don’t want a pole bending, breaking, or snapping on you while you’re directly underneath the blade.

You can also look for pole saws that have a safety lock on each segment or pole. A safety lock reduces the wobbliness of the pole and reduces the risk of it turning or worse, sliding off and potentially injuring you.


A blade on a manual pole saw definitely needs to be made out of high-quality material. One common material used in creating one is the high-carbon SK5 steel. And if your pole saw blade is made out of a different material, you can easily go online and research about said material, whether it’s durable, and if it has anti-rust and anti-stick properties to it.

Most pole saw in the market has their blades coated with a substance that repels plant materials, and also a substance where it keeps the saw teeth clean even after many use, that way, the blade never loses its edge. Some poles also have a hooked equipped on their pole to pull any stuck branches and snap off weak ones.

Some even have a scabbard at the hilt of the blade that is to make sure that the blade is perfectly situated on the branch and won’t have the chance to slip off the target, which will save you from a lot of frustration.

Another important factor is the ability of the blade to cut through thick branches and logs. Of course, you don’t need something that can cut through a trunk of a tree, but you don’t want to be limiting yourself when it comes to the cutting power of a blade.

One way of recognizing how powerful and capable a blade is to look at the blade’s specifications, the material it’s made out of, and the features that come along with it. There are some blades that can easily be dismounted by a single click of a quick-release button, without the need for other tools, which would make servicing and maintenance easier.

When looking around for pole saws, focus on your needs, and what you require of a pole saw – going on with the assumption that everything is going to work for you would result in some serious errors, especially with regard to the financial implications.


When using a manual pole saw, it’s usually at an elevated angle, thus, it needs to be as light as possible so it would be easier on you, the user. That way, it doesn’t expend too much of your energy, as opposed to light manual pole saw which enables you to work for an extended amount of time without straining your body too much.

In addition to that, the lighter your pole saw is, the more maneuverability and control you’ll have over it. Also, when cutting up a branch, several strokes are needed, and when you’re using a heavy pole, a simple tasks like cutting would become complicated.

In relation to the pole material factor, a pole saw should be made out of fiberglass or aluminum, which are the lightest materials used in creating the poles.

If there’s one thing that needs to be a priority in looking for a pole saw, it’s the quality. Having a tough blade to remove, a pole being too short, or an uncomfortable grip, those things are easily dealt with, and you are still able to do some work with it, albeit with a little bit of frustration, but when it comes to the lack of quality, that’s a different story.

One thing that you should never do in shopping around for pole saw is to compromise quality in order to save a bit of money. It’s not worth it to buy a low quality item to save money, only for it to be break in the short amount of time that you’ve used it, resulting in you spending more money in getting another pole saw.

If your budget is tight, go for a pole saw that is slightly dated or has fewer functions, but still is built with quality, rather than going for a product that has everything but is poorly built. One way of determining the quality of the product is to read through the reviews, you can easily browse on the internet for a product’s review without the need to pay for anything.

Most consumers that are satisfied with their pole saw will happily share with you their experience and will give you a general idea of what to expect from that specific product, and that goes the same for people who’ve had a bad experience with a product as well.

Final Words

Thank you for making it all the way to the end, and hopefully we’ve given you enough information and insight to help you in your decision in choosing which is the best manual pole saw that would no doubt satisfy you.

Remember, when shopping around for a manual pole saw, or anything for that matter, always prioritize your needs first.

Disclaimer: If you purchase any products in this post, we may receive a small commission. We promote only the products which we test and recommend. Read our affiliate disclaimer here.