10 Best Electric Chainsaws [2019 Guide & Reviews]

Electric chainsaws are lighter, more compact, and more convenient to carry compared with fuel-powered chainsaws. They are easy to use; it starts with just a click of the power button and come in two types — corded or cordless.

Best Overall Electric Chainsaw

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Acquiring one is easy, but finding standard, type, or of suitable quality that meets your required purpose among the many electric chainsaws can be quite taxing. We’ve compiled a list of the best electric chainsaws available in the market today to make it easier for you, to save you the time and the energy in picking one that fits you and your need perfectly.

How We Chose The Best Electric Chainsaw

In choosing the right chainsaw for you, there are a number of things that you should put into consideration, such as usage frequency, maintenance requirements, power, safety features, and ease of use, among others.

The top 10 electric chainsaws for 2019 are on the following compilation. You can scan through the description of each model and weigh the pros and cons to come up with a decision.

Table: Top 10 Best Electric Chainsaws

Best Electric Chainsaws - 10 Chainsaws Reviewed

If you’re looking for a portable and convenient-to-use chainsaw, the BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Cordless Chainsaw should be your option. It is a small and lightweight battery-powered chainsaw that you can include in your collection of tools and help you get things done around your home and garden.




It comes with a 10-inch cutting blade, with maximum cutting capacity of 10 inches for a wide range of cut. The chain around the blade can be easily adjusted without needing other tools, and thus, fixing the tension of the chain around the blade is not complicated. It has user-friendly wraparound bale handle that allows you to grip, use, and maneuver it safely and without difficulty.

This battery-powered chainsaw uses 20 Volt Max lithium battery. The battery can last for a good deal amount of time, as it remains charged up to five times longer. And because it is battery powered, it makes little noise and doesn’t give an annoying sound, which is safe for you and favorable for your neighbors.

The LCS 1020 included with this chainsaw is capable of operating it effortlessly so that you can handle this chainsaw smoothly and cut even 10-inch trees.

In addition, you won’t have struggles cleaning and maintaining it. The oiling system is especially designed so you don’t have to worry about spilling the oil; it has a clear window that allows one to check, refill when necessary, and stop the oil from dripping or spilling. It will save you from the mess, while the bar and chain stays lubricated.

A downside is that it will not get through thick objects. While it’s heavy-duty for its size, its small figure is not made for large tasks. Its design is ideal for small woodworking projects or aid in your gardening, particularly pruning and cutting branches off a tree.

BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Cordless Chainsaw

Although, it comes with a 10-inch sidebar, which is not applicable on hardwoods hence it is perfect only for groundworks.

If you need an electric chainsaw with cutting performance that is akin to fuel-powered ones, consider owning WORX WG303.1 Powered Chain Saw. This budget-friendly tool is powerful enough to help you accomplish heavier tasks such as cutting down overgrown trees in your yard, farm, or ranch.




This electric chainsaw comes with a 16-inch guide bar that enables you to complete heavy jobs with very little or no difficulty. It also has a safety handle for more convenience.

It has a low-kickback bar and built-in chain brake, an additional security feature to help keep the user away from harm while operating the equipment.

It is equipped with a 16-inch sidebar, which is actually one of the lengthy chainsaws. With this, you can cut down any kind of trees, whether it is huge or not.

Keeping it clean and well lubricated is not a problem as well. It has an oil receptacle that holds the fluid and enables automatic oil lubrication. What’s more is that it has a clear window with visible level indicator allowing you to check and refill the oil as needed.

The said equipment is ideal for beginners, owing to its patented auto-tension chain system, which allows the chain to stay at the required tension, preventing it from being over-tight even after using the chainsaw hundreds of times.

WORX WG303 review

Its motor has 14.5 Amp power, so it is not suitable for heavy-duty applications; it is only suitable for average cutting use.

The Greenworks 16-Inch 40V Cordless Chainsaw is convenient to use and carry around, as it is cordless and yet boasts a 40-Volt battery that can amazingly last for longer periods.

Greenworks 16-Inch



It enjoys a rechargeable battery, which is not only quick charging but also long lasting. It comes with an indicator of the amount of power left so you’ll know when to recharge or replace the battery for continued use.

It also offers ease and comfort for its user. It is lightweight and produces less noise. Its twisting force, due to its superior torque, remarkably has 70% less vibration. It can cut deep with preciseness with its brushless motor.

You can get more stability during cutting because this chainsaw contains greater torque that results in less vibration.

The maintenance processes are also simple. Oiling for the blade and chain is automatic; the oil feeder gives automatic lubrication as you use the chainsaw. Tightening of the chain can be done easily by just twisting the knob.

Its low kickback bar and electronic chain brake provide additional safety. This makes the equipment friendly and easy-to-use even for inexpert and first-time users.

This is not the perfect choice for someone who regularly uses a chainsaw because the chain tightening mechanism must be constantly adjusted during use.

This lightweight battery-powered chainsaw is an upgraded version of the Black Decker 20V Max in terms of strength and capability. It is powered by battery but it can perform on the level of a gas-powered chainsaw.




It enjoys a 12-inch premium bar and chain for a wider range of cutting, making it suitable for use around your house and yard and for other woodworking projects.

This chainsaw has a load of 40V MAX lithium battery, and it charges quickly and possesses longer run-time. The battery works well and would depend on how it’s used. It has a battery level indicator that will tell you when to recharge your equipment.

This 40V chainsaw provides you an excellent cutting performance and is built into a lightweight product for easy handling.

It has all the qualities of newly innovated chainsaws. It features tool-free chain tensioning, allowing you to adjust the chain in an instant and without any complication. It’s engineered with automatic oiling system, so oiling is not much of a concern while the equipment is being used.

The handle is designed to give the user utmost convenience; it has a full wraparound handle to keep you comfy and secure while cutting, even when cutting in various orientations.

You need to use a lot of oil to achieve better performance while continuous usage.

This two-in-one equipment can be used as both a pole saw and a chainsaw. It is composed of a detachable pole with a length of 10 feet and that can be extended up to 15 feet considering the height of the user. You can get this at an affordable price but it won’t disappoint you with its performance.




You can adjust the saw based on the task that you need to accomplish. On one hand, you can use it as a pole saw to cut branches off a high tree, sparing you from tiptoeing or climbing. On the other hand, you can remove the chain bar and use it as a usual electric chainsaw. The electric outlet is on its front allowing you to move with immense ease.

The guide bar or the two-in-one detachable pole is light as it’s made from fiberglass. You don’t have to inhibit yourself from applying pressure when using this one; it’s not heavy despite its appearance, and it’s durable as well as flexible.

The central wing of this pole is constructed with heavy-duty fiberglass and is a standard structure. It’s made of fiberglass and aluminum alloy and provides long-lasting stability.

The rubber handle promises comfort for the user. It has a non-slip grip so it will not easily slip from your hand while using the equipment. The handle together with the handguard are crafted to extinguish kickback, an issue very common in pole saws and chainsaws. It has anti-rotation feature that helps enhance stability while being used.

It has the strength of 8 Amp, which is desirable for general cutting or trimming of trees and plants around your house.

It’s oiling system needs a little care, though, as oil from the bar and chain may seep when it’s not in use.

It comes with an 8 Amp motor which can provide less energy to this saw. So this power is not well suited for cutting a large amount of wood.

This is a cordless, lightweight, yet heavy-duty chainsaw, fit for use in homes, outdoor cutting jobs and construction. It is generally designed to perform with high efficiency, to be pleasant to use and safe; it is well balanced that the user can control and carry it easily.




It is powered by a 5 Amp-hour lithium-ion battery, and the package comes with a charger for the battery that is situated at the back part of the equipment. The brushless motor is highly efficient and power saving, giving a longer motor life and battery run-time.

It’s well-constructed as well as well-designed. Its blade is 12 inches, so you can complete a wide range of cutting jobs. The bar, chain and motor brake system are designed to lessen the chances of kickback and enhance user safety. The rear handle and handguard are made for comfort and protection of the user while handling the device. Its bumper is ribbed to improve stability, to keep the tool steady when cutting.

Unlike other chainsaws, DEWALT DCCS620P1 20V Cordless Chainsaw is manufactured with a  rechargeable long-lasting battery; thus, you can work more time without any power issues.

Adjusting the chain tension is without a hitch as it also features a tool-free chain tensioning system. It boasts an automatic oiling system, too. It has an oil repository that you fill with oil for automatic lubrication, and refill when necessary.

It doesn’t have a control knob, so it tends to release more oil when cutting, a good thing compared with having inadequate oil, but this remains a room for consideration. Also, the oil leaks when the chainsaw is not in use, so it is recommended to empty the oil reservoir after use.

Its 12-inch sidebar does not have the ability to cut deeper into the tree, so it will take longer to cut the trees than we expect.

This one can present itself as one of the best electric chain saws as it has special features that are not common with its counterparts. As stated in its name, it sharpens by itself. It can be done while it’s in use, so it’s sort of a low-maintenance tool.

Oregon CS1500



This chainsaw boasts a self-sharpening system, namely PowerSharp system, allowing you to sharpen your tool even in the middle of your cutting job. This process takes about only 3 seconds, and then it’s back to its sharp state again.

It also features an instant start button, so you can start the job at once, and a chain brake for safety enhancement. Its guide bar and chain are designed to reduce kickbacks. There are also bumper spikes that support the saw to make it stable when you’re cutting something.

The Oregon CS1500 comes with an innovative feature, which is a chain sharpening system. By this mechanism, it can automatically sharpen its blade.

Like other chainsaws in this list, it has tool-less chain tensioning as well, allowing you to adjust the tension on the chain speedily and smoothly. It also enjoys a design built to make it lightweight despite its blade length for user convenience, with handles made comfortable for easy grip.

It also excels in cutting performance with its 18-inch blade and a high-power 15 Amp motor. It can cut through hardwood up to 18 inches in diameter easily. It has a chisel-type cutter for great efficiency and speed that is 15 meters per second, so it can be deemed to be in the upper end of electric saw arrays.

The front handle of the saw is very small so the user with big hands may have some difficulties in holding the chainsaw properly.

This is one of the affordable chainsaws you can find that costs under $60. It’s less than the amount you have to pay when hiring someone to clean your yard. Homeowners who need this for general purpose and cottagers or campers should opt for this tool. It’s fit for infrequent use like pruning, cutting firewood or other small projects that one occasionally needs to do.

Remington RM1425



With its weight around 6 pounds, this is lightweight and compact, perfect for your small trimming needs. You can use this right after you open the package as it comes perfectly and fully assembled.

This is a low-noise chainsaw with 8-Amp motor and can generate 1.3 horsepower for its brake. It is equipped with a 14-inch low-kickback bar and chain. It’s powerful enough to enable cutting through small branches in no time.

It has a traditional tension system that enables you to eliminate the inertia of the chain for optimal shear performance.

This one comes with a small oil reservoir, which has a push button for easy lubrication. You just have to push this button whenever you deem necessary to keep the chain lubricated. The oil, however, tends to leak when stored, so it is suggested to empty the receptacle before storing the equipment.

As for chain tensioning, it has an external adjustment system for adjusting the chain tension, allowing you to keep the chain at the right tension always.

The material used for the saw is hard plastic, one reason why it’s suitable for occasional use only. Even so, it can cut through saplings and branches with ease.

This needs to be cleaned often as sawdust and chip accumulate. This should not be a problem, though, since this is relatively a very simple task.

The sawdust is immediately collected in an adjustable chain mechanism, so the machine needs to be cleaned frequently.

This chainsaw can carry out heavier tasks. It has a more powerful engine and larger bar. This corded electric chainsaw is ergonomically designed to be a helpful tool for homeowners. Its price is affordable that buyers would love it.

Greenworks 18-Inch



With its powerful motor alongside the 18-inch blade, it can successfully cut 16-inch diameter wood in a single stroke. The task can be done in no time and the debris is not scattered so it can be cleaned quickly, too. Pruning and cutting firewood are done with no difficulty with this chainsaw. Make sure that you use this in an open space as the size of the blade is not suitable for tight spaces.

Its guide bar can thin out the kickback qualities. It has a nose sprocket that assists the chain to move well for good performance. The hole on the nose sprocket needs to be oiled regularly. A set of bumper spikes are also added to have a steady cutting.

GreenWorks 20332 has an automatic oiler that applies oil to the chain and bar to guarantee stability and prolong the life of the chain.

There are no complicated steps in making this chainsaw work. You have to activate safety button first then press the throttle trigger to power on.

Regarding the oil chain system, the oil level needs to be checked every 20 minutes. It’s so easy to check the level from its reservoir window as it is transparent. There’s also a mark that shows you the minimum level. You should empty the oil reservoir before putting it into storage to avoid leakage.

Adjusting the chain tension is simple; it uses a tool-less chain tensioning so you can keep the ideal tension at all times. To ensure the right tightness, you only have to turn the tensioning knob.

The corded design of the chainsaw doesn’t allow much mobility to the user. So you cannot use this in the forest area and in the absence of electric power.

This can handle light to medium cutting tasks so it can be one of the best electric chainsaws for the money you’ll spend in getting one. This is an ideal chainsaw for homeowners because of its design and ability. The solid feel of its body is impressive.




It’s sleek with a big anti-vibration rear handle. Unique from other chainsaws, it has a variable speed trigger. This means the user can control the speed. All it takes is pressing the multi-speed trigger switch to apply the applicable speed for a certain cutting job.

There are 3 simple steps in turning this on. You have to be sure first that the chain brake is disengaged. Then press the lock-off lever before pushing the trigger. The saw starts up right away and you set the lock-off lever free.

This can cut through a 14-inch diameter wood. It has a battery with high capacity that can continue for long time. Its brushless motor aids in providing better cutting performance.

A powerful brushless motor is used in this durable & rugged chainsaw which is powered with a 40V Lithium battery.

The chain oil system includes LubriLink and LubriWell. The first one is a cavity that surrounds the chain tie straps. It’s like a small reservoir where the oil is deposited so the oil won’t be wasted. The second one is the hole that is in the chain’s drive link. It spreads the oil through the bar. The oiling system is automatic, but it’s recommended that the reservoir is emptied before storage.

The tool-free chain tensioning has a knob for adjusting the tension of the chain so as to maintain proper tension while using the device. It’s needed that the chain tension should be checked regularly as it can fall off when in use

The chain of the saw is loosened after several cuts so the user has to adjust the chain frequently or need to replace it after a while.

How to Choose the Best Electric Chainsaw: Detailed Buyer’s Guide

With the latest development in crafting chainsaws, most models have the characteristics to meet the same criteria. The following features are the main basis to find a good chainsaw.

How To Choose The Best Electric Chainsaw
  • Lightweight, sturdy, durable
  • Tool-free tension blade system. The knob for adjusting the chain’s right tension is a part of the tool. There’s no need of getting another tool to tighten the chain.
  • Oil system automatic function. The oil reservoir is made as a part of the chainsaw so the chain is lubricated well while in use.
  • Parts are designed for safety purpose. It is to avoid kickback from happening. The handles are made for the comfort of the user as well as the stability needed in handling the chainsaw. Ridges are made on it to support stability.

For chainsaw maintenance, all of them should be cleaned after use. They should be lubricated to avoid rust. The chain needs to be sharpened to have its optimal performance. It would be nice if all of these can be done by the owners themselves.

Those are the common steps required by most chainsaws for minimal maintenance. If there are other demands, it means that the maintenance is laborious. It would ask for more than just your skills and efforts. Maintenance will involve spending more money because you need experts to do it for you. Some chainsaws need a replacement for their parts.

What kind of chainsaw do homeowners need?

Why does a homeowner need to own a chainsaw? It’s because there’s a need for cleaning up in our yard. One needs to trim or prune some bushes or trees. Since this one can be considered one of our housework, it should be done regularly.

With this minor cutting task, a basic blade would be fine. The not so huge blade should be encased in a handle that is in a reasonable size. You don’t want to lift the extra weight when tidying up things around your house. Being lightweight is the main physical attribute of a small electric saw. This is the right choice for homeowners and especially those who are beginners as it’s easy to manage.

Big blades tend to bounce when you try using it to cut saplings and thin branches. A little amount of work would only need a small-sized blade. Some electric chainsaws can carry even medium cutting tasks. 

What power source for the chainsaw is Eco-friendly?

There are different types of chainsaws which are categorized based on the fuel type. If you don’t want your plants to be harmed, don’t get the gas-powered one. Gas can contain chemicals that are not good for any living thing once it gets contact with them.

As for electric chainsaws, battery and electricity give power to it. It’s for sure that it won’t bring destruction to the plants and environment. Anyway, we are comfortable using things with battery and powered by electricity nowadays. It’s the impulse of modern society for patronizing convenience.

What chainsaw suits best in urban and suburban areas?

Apart from noise regulation rules, one should also think about not disturbing the neighborhood. Since gas-powered chainsaw has a motor engine, it creates noise that can be annoying to some. Electric-powered like the wide arrays of home depot electric chainsaw has proved that it doesn’t create noise. This can be utilized in urban and suburban areas without any conflicts.

What are the things you need to know when buying an electric chainsaw?

There are two types of electric chainsaw. One is with electric cord and the other can go cordless. The corded one is convenient when it’s near the power outlet. You should be conscious of where the cord goes because it shouldn’t get in the way while you work. It’s also to avoid accidents and you don’t want to be interrupted while working.

A cordless chainsaw is portable so you can take it with you. Some users buy extra battery so they can replace the used up one right away. It’s also helpful to get a battery that has a long-lasting life. This is the one you need to get if you plan to use it outside the boundaries of your house.

What is the best battery for electric chainsaw?

The lithium-ion battery is the best battery for portable electronics like the electric chainsaw.

Infographics: The Best Electric Chainsaw

Best Electric Chainsaw - Infographics
Infographics: The Best Electric Chainsaw

Final Words

It is definitely a desirable idea to have an electric chainsaw at your home. An electric chainsaw, one that is sturdy, lightweight, and fits your required need or purpose is a must-have for homeowners and professionals. You don’t need something bulky and powerful with complex capabilities and procedures when you only need to use a chainsaw for your house and during occasional situations; however, if you use a chainsaw almost every day, you should opt for a chainsaw that’s powerful and durable to get the job done.

Therefore, when purchasing an electric chainsaw, consider your purpose, needs, and requirements, as well as the convenience and safety features that come along with the device, to ensure that you invested your money and time in acquiring the right equipment.

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