10 Best Chainsaw Helmets Reviews In 2019

Doing chainsaw work is tough and can get dangerous fast. It can cause severe injuries and life-damaging accidents if not handled properly. You should never take a chainsaw job lightly no matter how big or small. It isof utmost importance to be safe while doing so. Kickback, chain snapping, electrical exposures, or falling objects can be critical factors while you are out working. That’s why when you are doing chainsaw work, you must practice safety guidelines and have proper safety equipment as well.

Best Overall Chainsaw Helmet

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Husqvarna ProForest Chain Saw Helmet System

It is essential to invest in the right safety equipment to ensure maximum protection for yourself, helmets in particular. With a safety helmet, this will lower the chance of injuries or even life-threatening accidents. There are reports of at least 30, 000 chainsaw related accidents in a year and it absolutely best to be not included in that number.  

What is a safety helmet? 

These are hard hats or safety helmets that are a part of proper safety equipment. A safety helmet is designed to specifically protect your head, face, and ears from tons of incidents that could occur while on the job. During woodworking or any forestry jobs – there will be powerful machine movements. You will also be around trees, and there will be possibilities of falling branches from above, exposure to deafening noises of machines as well as flying fragments or debris. 

How We Chose The Best Chainsaw Helmet

Every safety helmets have different features that will suit your needs and requirements for whatever purpose you will need it for. A basic hardhat is be enough. During chainsaw work, a safety helmet that has visors and earmuffs will go a long way for you and your protection from any possible injuries. 

A safety helmet can also give you a little security and peace of mind knowing that you have something to protect yourself from harm during tasks. It is also essential that you have to assemble the chainsaw helmet correctly before you wear it.  

We will talk about what features we liked about the products, the things you should consider and our final say about it.

Table: Top 10 Best Chainsaw Helmets

Best Chainsaw Helmets - 10 Helmets Reviewed

Husqvarna is a well-known brand for chainsaws and chainsaw equipment. They are known as a brand of excellent quality products that do not disappoint. Let’s take a look at Husqvarna ProForest Chainsaw Helmet and what we have gathered through our experience with it: 

Husqvarna ProForest Chain Saw Helmet System



Let’s Talk About The Good 

6 Point-Suspension

The helmet features a great safety tool that you can adjust accordingly to what you will be working on that day. The suspension will absorb the shock from above and will minimize its impact if ever an incident might happen. 

UV Protected Coating 

The hard hat itself is coated with UV protection, giving you more than enough protection against the heat of the sun when you are working outside for a long time. 

Ear & Hearing Protectors

With louder chainsaws such as gas-powered ones, this will give you excellent protection from the noise up to 25 dB(A) NRR. 


The orange color on this helmet makes you highly noticeable, especially when you are in the woods. The bright color will alert passersby or workers as well. 

This is the best all-around helmet that offers great protection to your head, face, and ears; it comes with a six-point suspension that can be well-adjusted to function well also it absorbs shock from the helmet.

Face & Neck Protectors

The visors have a double layer of protection, shielding your face from debris that will surely be flying around you. This helmet also has a neck protector that will catch water when a sudden rain pours and will prevent you from getting wet from neck down. 

For Consideration

The color of the helmet is highly reflective, and when it is hit by the sun at a certain angle, it may hurt your eye a little bit.  


The Husqvarna ProForest Chainsaw Helmet is a great overall helmet that is a one size fits all. It is an excellent safety helmet for professionals and can be of great value-added to their kit. For homeowners who are starting to build their equipment collection, they will also be getting significant advantages from having this helmet. The price can be a little expensive, but you will be getting excellent payback.

Husqvarna ProForest Chain Saw Helmet

Few of the users feel that the face shield could be constructed even better because it is loose sometimes. It is also not suitable for very small or large heads. 

TR Industrial is a brand that a little less known compared to Husqvarna, but that does not mean they do not have quality products. Take it from their TR Industrial Forestry Safety Helmet that we thoroughly enjoyed testing out. Here is our insight on the helmet: 

TR Industrial Forestry Safety Helmet



Let’s Talk About The Good 

Interchangeable Shields 

There is both a plastic visor and a metal mesh provided. You can easily switch according to your preference, the weather or the type of work you will be doing.  

6-Point Ratchet Suspension System 

The dial knobs on the side of the helmet can be adjusted from 22 inches to 24 inches, letting you have the perfect fit for your head. 


The helmet will feel comfortable on your head because it only weighs 2.6 pounds and let you wear it for an extended period.  


To ensure that your eardrums are protected from the loud sounds while you are working, the earmuffs will be extremely helpful. The earmuffs are also easily adjustable to your comfortability, and you also have option remove it. 

This five-in-one helmet protects not only the part of your head but also your shoulder for additional safety. It comes with adjustable and removable earmuffs, a mesh visor, and a plastic visor so this protects you while you’re in any kind of chainsawing job.

For Consideration

Take note that of the visors, the plastic visor can fog up while you are working while the metal mesh visor might have the possibility of getting splinters getting in them. The TR Industrial Helmet can be a genuinely excellent safety hat during work, but we do not recommend it for heavy-duty or professional practice.  

We are going to point out as well, that the instructions for the assembly of this helmet can be a little confusing. 


The TR INDUSTRIAL FORESTRY SAFETY HELMET is a good option when you are looking for a mid-range priced helmet. This helmet offers you a variety of essential features that will give you excellent protection from smaller tasks such as trimming and cutting to forestry work.  

TR Industrial Forestry Safety Helmet

It comes with low-quality earmuffs so most of the users feel uncomfortable while wearing for a long time. Few parts break easily.

Another helmet from the outstanding line of products that Husqvarna has, the Husqvarna 5777764601 ProForest Helmet System does not disappoint.

This helmet does have similarities from the Husqvarna ProForest helmet as mentioned earlier, but it also has their unique characteristic that you should not overlook.  

Husqvarna 577764601 Pro Forest Helmet



Let’s Talk About The Good

Sun Protection 

With UV Protection, this will prevent harsh sunlight from penetrating to your helmet. It will also prevent the helmet from discoloration as well as damage from frequent use. Another reason how sun protection is excellent because it will also reflect sunlight avoiding it from glaring when it is under the sun.

Double Face Protection 

There is a quality mesh visor provided as well as a face screen that will ensure maximum security against flakes or anything that will be flying towards your face. 

Husqvarna 577764601 is one of the best hard caps in our list; it comes with a 6-point adjustable suspension system that allows adjusting the chainsaw helmet on their heads; it also has a face screen and a wire mesh protector. 

Rain Protector 

It features a rain shield as well as a neck protector that will keep you dry from the rain. 

For Consideration

The helmet can be tricky, and the assembling of it can be a little complicated. There also can be problems with the metal mesh visor as it reflects sunlight and can hurt your eyes a little. 


Compared to Husqvarna ProForest, Husqvarna 577764601 helmet is a little more updated. The helmet has UV Protection coating – this does not glare under the sun as much. This helmet will be a great alternative if you find the Husqvarna ProForest a little expensive. It will provide you the necessary features a helmet should have and give you adequate protection.

Husqvarna 577764601 Pro Forest Helmet

While wearing the helmet you may not get a clear vision sometimes because the metal mesh face visor reflects sunlight into your eyes so it is blurred.

Oregon, one of the older and well-known brands, also offers excellent forestry and outdoor products. They take pride in the durability of the products they produce, and Oregon 563474 is one of them. 




Let’s Talk About The Good

6 Ventilation Holes

There are suitable sized holes on top of this helmet. It gives ample airflow through your head so it won’t get as hot or stuffy when you are wearing the helmet. 

6-Point Harness

The system provide you with better adjustment settings to fit the size of your head properly. 

Wide-Face Mesh Visor 

The visor offers you extensive, all-around face protection because it covers a lot more of your face to shield you from chips of material that may come flying in. 

One of the remarkable features of Oregon 563474 is this helmet is lightweight which weighs only 2.2 pounds, the mesh visor provides complete face protection from debris and keeps you safe always.


Weighing only 2.2 pounds, you will find that this will reduce some stress on your head. 

For Consideration

This particular helmet has no removable or interchangeable visors or earmuffs, meaning this comes as it is and you won’t be able to customize to your preferences. This helmet has relatively low noise reduction of only 22 dB, and it might not be enough protection for louder power tools. 


Homeowners and those who perform lighter tasks best use this safety helmet. If you are looking for a budget-friendly option, this is going to be an excellent choice for you. Even with its lower price, it does not compromise its exceptional quality and will guarantee you of being safe.

It’s challenging to install the system also the earmuffs are inconvenient to put up and down; this is the major downside of this product.

NoCry is one of the smaller companies that are up and coming to put their name on the list of one of the best work & safety equipment brands out there. Their helmet has strong points that one should not overlook.

We took a look on their NoCry 6-in-1 ProForest Helmet System and rounded up what we liked. 

NoCry 6-in-1 Industrial Forestry Safety Helmet



Let’s Talk About The Good 

Face Shield 

The helmet will provide you with metal mesh visor and a polycarbonate face shield. These are for double protection against splinters or any flying debris that may come towards your face. 

Hearing Protection 

It offers a 25.9 dB noise protection guaranteed to protect you from the harsh noises of machinery.  

Adjustable Suspension 

Adjusting the headband system is accessible by just twisting a knob, and you will be able to customize the size 

This helmet is fully adjustable so it fits almost all the users, right from earmuffs to visors there are lots of adjustments which you can make to customize its fit. 

For Consideration

The replacement is difficult to find in the market and

The assembly instructions are also quite challenging to understand, and it might take you a while to put together this helmet. 


The NoCry 6-in-1 ProForest Helmet System is another affordable choice for you. Not only does it have the metal mesh visor to protect your face, but it also comes with a face shield that fully wraps around your head. The earmuff can be turned back as well if you do not need them. If you are looking for a newer brand that you are willing to try out, the NoCry 6-in-1 ProForest Helmet System is the way to go.

It’s hard to install the suspension system also the attachment clips were seen in backward so it may take time to figure out what the problem was. 

Stens is another brand that strives on economical products that cater to any one of their customers, especially those who need budget-friendly options. Despite being inexpensive, they do not lack the quality of their products. They comply with government safety standards and are guaranteed to keep you safe. 

Here we talk about what we liked about the Stens Protective Chainsaw Helmet: 




Let’s Talk About The Good 

ANSI-Compliant Ear Protectors 

One of the higher decibel levels to protect your ears from the loud noises of machines. 

Ratchet Adjustment 

The ratchet adjustment feature will fit just about anyone’s head and be able to adjust it according to the security and tightness your head needs. 

This is one of the budget-friendly helmets in our pick yet it doesn’t compromise the quality of the helmet. It also protects your ears well from a high-level noise which can damage your hearing and cause hearing loss. 

For Consideration

For first-time helmet users, the assembly can be a little difficult to understand. Since it is on the cheaper side, the quality is lower compared to its competitors.  


Continuing with a budget-friendly helmet, you can also consider this as your helmet of choice. More for homeowner use and lightweight duties, this helmet will still give you the right protection and necessities that a standard safety helmet should have. 

The Stens chainsaw helmet doesn’t come with a chin strap which may be irritating for many users while wearing for a long time.

ERB Industries has been around for a while as well. They specialize in having tested great products such as safety helmets and other safety equipment.  

ERB 14371 Chain Saw Safety Kit



Let’s Talk About The Good 

Mega Ratchet Adjustment 

With the broader selection of adjustment for your head, this will guarantee tons of comfortability for you. 

Helmet Material 

The helmet is coated with epoxy to minimize glare from the harsh rays of the sun as well as coating shield that will prevent it from corrosion damage. 

Anti-Fog Goggles

They have provided goggles in the kit. The googles will give you extra protection for your eyes from the tiny particles or fragments that will be floating when you are using such high-powered machines. 

It is attached with a visor carrier which has a durable locking system which can hold the visor in three different lock positions; it protects the user from any harm.

For Consideration

This helmet is comparatively more substantial on the head than most safety helmets. The cost of this helmet is mid-range. Although that is nice that they provided goggles for extra protection, it can be a little flimsy and not of quality standards. 


The ERB 14371 Chainsaw Helmet comes in a kit that sets this apart from other helmets with a great ratchet protection system, 4000 steel mesh face screen, and earmuffs. This helmet is the right quality choice for homeowners and workers alike.

The ventilation hole is small so you can’t wear the helmet for a long time also there are some issues with the earmuff and adjustability.

Stihl is another superior brand in the market for a variety of products for outdoor and industrial equipment. They have established a notable name and have proven how innovative and durable their products are during their long run. We tried and tested their Stihl Woodcutter Helmet to attest to their claims:  

STIHL 7010 888 0800 Woodcutter Helmet



Let’s Talk About The Good 

Proper Ventilation 

Working under hotter climates can be extremely uncomfortable; that’s why ventilation is vital for helmets. The insides of this helmet have a vented shell that will allow proper airflow around your head to keep it from getting stuffy. 


The weight of this helmet will provide you adequate comfortability while you are doing your tasks. The lighter weight will also lower the chances of stress on your head that a heavy helmet can give you.  

It is a lightweight thermoplastic shell which is designed with a six-point ratcheting system just to improve the shock absorption; the Stihl offers premium protection to your head. 

For Consideration

Be cautious on how you handle this helmet as some parts can break easily. This helmet is slightly heavier on the head, which can cause some stress on your head when worn for more extended periods.  


For being a well-known brand, Stihl Woodcutter Helmet does not disappoint. This helmet is cost-effective and will provide you with great features. 

It comes with a plastic screen face shield which is not very much protective for the users and seems to be flimsy. Assembly requires some time to figure out. 

Redneck Convent is one of the newer brands for outdoors work and is slowly building an excellent reputation in the industry. Let’s take a closer look on their Forestry Helmet that you may consider buying for yourself.  

Forestry Safety Helmet



Let’s Talk About The Good 


The ventilation on this helmet will provide you ample airflow to prevent you from getting uncomfortable. Being under the sun for long hours can get you stuffy during warmer weather. 

6-Point Harness

The suspension system will allow you to adjust it to fit snuggly on your head and give you the correct dimensions that are comfortable for you. 

Impact Resistant 

The cap is a polypropylene-made shell that resists impact significantly ensuring you that the effect from a falling object is minimal. 

It is a durably constructed helmet which has six vents at the top for excellent airflow and features a six-point harness suspension system for an easy snug fit.

For Consideration

The visor provided is quite dark compared to other screens which can cause a little restriction for visibility and the instructions for assembly can take you a while before setting up the helmet. 


The Redneck Convent Forestry Helmet is a great option, especially for tough jobs as it is well made and has a high density that will resist impact. The lower price on this helmet is cost-efficient, and you will be satisfied with your purchase. With excellent ventilation and adequate protection, this will guarantee you maximum comfort as well as the safety that you will need. 

Some of the users complain that the components were not of quality also it doesn’t come with a chin strap so this helmet is inconvenient to wear. 

RK Safety, a New York-based and privately owned company, offers a variety of products that focus on safety equipment and their customer safety needs. Let’s take a look at the final product on our list and weigh in our findings. 

RK Safety Industrial Forestry Chainsaw Safety Helmet



Let’s Talk About The Good 

UV-Protected Hard Hat 

Proper protection from the sun will go along the way not just for the helmet itself but for you and your health as well. Being exposed to the sun can be damaging to your skin, and a mask that provides you with UV Protection is an excellent way to go.  

Four-Point Adjustment System 

With an adjustment system, you will be able to change the size to keep secure in your head.  

Face Shield 

The steel mesh gives excellent visibility and enough protection for your eyes and face.  

Ear Protection 

The earmuffs have 30 dB NRR of protection that will suffice for your hearing. 

RK forestry chainsaw comes with 30 dB NRR earmuffs which protect your hearing and a steel face shield keeps your eyes and face safe from debris.

For Consideration

The RK Safety Helmet has instructions for assembly that are hard to understand and can be challenging. Another thing you should be wary of is that this helmet does not have replacement parts that you could easily purchase. The quality of this helmet is not as high-quality as the rest.  


The RK Safety Helmet is not precisely an investment purchase. So if you’re planning for more long-term use that is a bang for the buck, this will not be it. But if you are considering a cheaper option and for around your home property, this will suffice your needs. 

It’s hard to assemble also it is not recommended for extended periods, if the equipment got damaged then there are no replacement parts available to fit into it.

Why do you need a safety helmet? 

These are protective gears that will provide you with protection from multiple untoward incidents

The safety helmet are coming for hard hat and give you all-around protection with durable visors and earmuff. The screens or visors will protect your face and eyes from flying woodchip or dust while you are working. For the security of your ears and hearing, the attached earmuff will protect you from the loud noise levels of machinery. 

They are also designed to protect you from anything that may fall from above and reduce the impact that may cause injuries as well. With a safety helmet, this will also safeguard you under the sun and against the heat. 

We have covered what a safety helmet is and how you could benefit from it. Here are our recommendations for safety helmets that you should consider purchasing. We have rounded up notable safety helmets and which ones you should find. We also provided you with much information about the product so you will have a better insight into each chainsaw helmet. 

Buyer’s Guide to a Safety Helmet 

Now that we have rounded up our suggestions, we will need to take note of what exactly you should be looking out for when buying a safety helmet. 

How To Choose The Best Chainsaw Helmet

So how could you tell a proper safety helmet? Well, there’s a personal factor in your choice as well as other features that a helmet should have. Here we will tackle the crucial questions for safety helmet buying.  

What type of work will you be doing?

For sure, you have in mind the type of work that you will be doing. With the right of kind of helmet, this will ensure safety and maximum comfortability to guarantee you the right choice. 

For a regular homeowner, who only needs a little maintenance around the property or cutting firewood, proper safety helmets that have a faceguard and an earmuff will give you ample protection. 

Cumbersome duty tasks such as forestry jobs – you will need professional and more durable types of helmets. Higher-quality features to match the heavy load that you will be doing. 

What features should you look out for a helmet? 

Safety Standards & Certification

Since we are talking about safety helmets, having the best safety features on a helmet is crucial. The safety features go hand in hand with the type of work you are doing. Check the approved kind of work that a particular helmet can handle. 

A helmet should have a visor and earmuffs to protect you from flying debris and save you from the loud noise of a chainsaw. 

We also made sure that the products on this list are both CE and ANSI approved and met the safety guidelines. Helmets that meet safety compliances have gone through a series of tests to make sure of their quality. If you are wondering what the markings mean: 

CE (Conformité Européene) – this means that it is compliant to the European Economic Area of health, safety, and environmental protection  

ANSI (American National Standards) – this means that they have consulted and have set proper standards on improving the quality and safety of the product 

Material & Durability 

Make sure that the materials on the helmet are of durable and high-quality materials. Hard materials such as polypropylene and polycarbonate are great for absorbing strong impact.  

It is crucial that the material is durable enough to benefit you from not just present workload but for long-term use as well. The more excellent resistance of a helmet, such as a ratchet system can provide, from falling debris will be best to prevent further head injuries. 

Comfortability & Fit

Choosing helmets that have adjustable straps or knobs that will allow you to modify the tightness around your head will give you a little more comfortability. Lightweight helmets can also be a great choice so that you can wear them for a more extended period. If you are in store, try on the helmet so you will know first hand on how it will fit on your head.  


Helmets that have air holes will increase airflow and keep your head fresh so you would feel comfortable even if it gets warmer around you. Being under the sun the whole day can get you a little stuffy.  

Take note – the thickness of padding on the helmet as this also affects the stuffiness that a helmet can give. Check that the filling is not too thin to compromise its security as well.  


It is always best to invest in a high-quality helmet that has excellent features on safety. If you need a more budget-friendly option, there are still choices that do not comprise the quality. Make sure that the necessities a helmet should have is present on the product. 


A bright-colored helmet will make you visible to anyone around you. The color will alert others that there is ongoing work and might need to be more cautious. Lighter shades will also reflect heat better than darker colored ones. 

To prevent the glare of the sun, look for a helmet that does not reflect the sun as much. 

Final Words

It is always better to be safe than never. A safety helmet that is right for you can go a long way. The price that a helmet will cost you is a lot more worth it than the possible injuries or life-threatening accidents that can occur. 

Having a safety helmet on your kit will be of great value. We tackled on what a safety helmet is just for extra information as well the benefits of getting it. We could go on how vital a safety helmet will be for you. No one wants the regret of not being protected enough when worst comes to worst. So it is better to take the chance now to be safe and have the opportunity to find the best safety equipment for you.  

We have covered ten products that you can weigh on in based on your preference, type of work, and budget. We discussed as well about the brands, some are well known, and some are up and coming brands. In the options, hopefully, you will find the helmet that you will need for your future work. 

We also discussed certain things you have to look out for when choosing a helmet. It is essential to look out for aspects and features that will guarantee you of its durability, comfortability, and safety. When you are in a tighter budget, we also provided cheaper options that still give ample protection for you. 

We cannot reiterate enough the importance of practicing safety guidelines, especially when you are doing chainsaw work. Do not take lightly on how a safety helmet can do wonders for you while you are doing tasks around your property or constructions. Always ensure that you are wearing proper safety equipment, whether you are doing lighter or heavier tasks. Remember to be attentive and vigilant when you are working to keep appropriate safety precautions for yourself. Choose the right helmet for you and stay safe while doing your duties.

Disclaimer: If you purchase any product in this post, we may receive a small commission. We promote only the products which we test and recommend. Read our affiliate disclaimer here.