10 Best Battery Powered (Operated) Chainsaws [2019 Reviews]

So you are looking for a battery-operated or cordless chainsaw that will provide you the requirements and features for whatever task that you need to be done around your home. Well first, you must have realize how mentally and physically demanding it is to choose one that fits your purpose among a sea of chainsaws that are up in the market, but we are here to provide an easy and detailed guide to cordless chainsaws.

Best Overall Battery Powered Chainsaw

(TheSawBoss #1 Choice)

Makita XCU03PT1 18V

We will provide a list of battery-operated chainsaws that are proven and tested to be the best out there in the market but first, we need to figure out what’s best for you and the features you will be needing to look out for.
There are three types of chainsaw namely, gas-powered chainsaw, electrical corded chainsaw, and battery-operated chainsaw.

It is important to take note that battery-operated chainsaws do not have the power that a gas-powered chainsaw has. Compared to a gas-powered chainsaw, a battery-operated chainsaw bar has a limit of 18 inches or shorter in length. But don’t let this set you back from a battery-operated chainsaw, as the latest designs for this type of chainsaw can be as powerful as gas-powered ones.

How We Chose The Best Battery Powered Chainsaw

Ideally, use a battery-operated chainsaw for light to moderate tasks instead of heavier duties. You won’t be able to clear thicker oats or hardwood trees with this one, instead, they are more for pruning tree branches, trimming small to medium limbs and cutting small to medium logs and timber. It is best to avoid heavy-duty tasks to prevent damage to the power tool.

Here are the advantages of a battery-operated chainsaw:

Quiet Motor & Fuel Efficient – unlike a gas motor that uses to fuel to power it on, this does not produce loud noises that will surely save you from the deafening buzz. This will certainly not disturb the peace of your neighborhood and you will appreciate how quiet a battery-operated chainsaw can be.

Easier Handling & Portable– with a simple push of a button you will be able to switch this on without the hassle of yanking a string to rev the motor up. It is cordless and lightweight adding more opportunity to move around without restrictions and be able to carry it around with you anywhere you need to use it, whether near or farther distances.

Emission Free – you will be happy to know that you won’t be inhaling smoke or gas every time you use a battery-operated chainsaw since they run on battery instead of gasoline that may be dangerous for your health and the environment in the long run.

Lasts Long Even Without Frequent Use – if you only need a chainsaw for occasional use, a battery-operated chainsaw will still be good as new, unlike others that need to consider that the gas may go bad or their chains to go dull.

In this guide, we will focus on the best battery-operated chainsaws, their features, advantages, and disadvantages. From this, you will be able to decide the product that will suit best for your woodworking needs.

With that in mind, we broke down the top 10 best electric cordless chainsaws, reviewed each, and provided the best options for you to consider.

Table: Top 10 Best Battery Powered Chainsaws

Best Battery Powered Chainsaws - 10 Chainsaws Reviewed

Overall, the Makita XCU03PT1 is the best option for your woodworking tasks that will surely deliver great functionality. This is best for homeowners that constantly need a little maintenance on their gardens, arborists, landscapers and even for construction workers in residential areas.

It has a bar length of 14 inches which falls in the middle of being capable of pruning, removing tree limbs, cutting fallen small trees and light firewood cutting.

Makita XCU03PT1 18V



The MAKITA XCU03PT1 battery-powered chainsaw is specifically designed for hassle-free cutting and provides a superb outcome. Here are tons of features that we greatly enjoyed through experience:

Features That We Love

Battery Life and Power

This chainsaw has a dual 18-Volt battery that provides maximal power and it has almost the same power as a 32-cc gas-powered chainsaw. It has the capability of regulating energy and the built-in switch has an automatic shut-off feature when the chainsaw is not in use helping you preserve battery life. You will be impressed by its extensive run time when you’re doing a considerable amount of woodwork.

Great Ergonomics and Easy Handling

Two grips will provide a comfortable grip for the user; a wider handle at the back and a little less area on the mid handle. Since its design is smaller and lighter, it has a better fit for your hands and you will be able to maneuver it around a lot better.


The brushless motor and sharper chain go well hand-in-hand and work efficiently. The brushless motor is comparable to that of a gas-powered chainsaw, giving you a powerful operation as well. The chain on this is light and there are tough material spikes installed to cut through logs that may have bumps in it. The chainsaw design and brushless motor work together seamlessly.

Makita is a high-quality brand which includes an automatic oiler system and a brushless motor which increases the lifespan of a machine. Another standard feature of this equipment is that it comes with an automatic shutoff system to save the battery.


The tool-less chain adjustment feature makes it convenient for you and saves you from the hassle of using other tools to adjust the chain. They also provide a variable speed trigger that will help you to set the fitting speed depending on the cutting task.

Advanced Safety Features

This has a lock-off lever that makes sure it does not start unintentionally to prevent the risk of injuries.


This has protective seals to safeguard the internal components and extend the lifespan of your saw.

With every product comes a little disadvantage that you need to be aware of to provide a better understanding of the workings of the item.

Here are things you might need to take note of with the Makita XCU03PT1 Battery-Powered Chainsaw:

Take Note:

Refrain From Heavy Duty Tasks

The Makita XCU03PT1 can be truly powerful for your everyday use but it is not primarily designed to perform your constant heavy-duty work.  The battery replacement can be a little troublesome to a few as well.

Makita XCU03PT1 18V Chain Saw

Battery life is not too good for this product, and some of the customers complain that the power switch is quite annoying for them.

The Dewalt DCCS670X1 is another option that a lot of people will recommend especially when you need a high-quality power tool that allows you to accomplish what you need it to do and still give a little more.

Most homeowners favor this as well to do a little bit of work around their home such as trimming and felling. It is also good for construction and outdoor work, cutting both hard and softwoods with ease with its 16″ chain and bar. With a single stroke, you will be able to cut through most tree trunks or logs.




Features That We Love


For a small model, the power on this chainsaw packs a punch. It has a 60 V battery that is comparable to a 45-cc gas-powered engine. It can do up to 70 cutting jobs per charge and some users even get up to 2 hours of job done, much longer than the usual 45 minutes.

Ergonomically Designed

Unlike conventional models, the front and back handles of this chainsaw are comparatively wider. You will feel a more comfortable grip once you handle this chainsaw and it gives you better control. There is also a special sweat-proof rubber coating on the handles.

Easy Handling

Other than its fine grip, its 12.2 lb weight also makes it easier to carry around. With an easy flick of a switch and press of the start button, you will be able to use this efficiently.

Auto-Oiling System

This chainsaw has an auto-oiling feature for continuous lubrication for optimal performance. The quarter-turn oil cap makes it quicker to refill oil as necessary.

It is the best chainsaw for handling the tough cutting challenges; Dewalt DCCS670X1 is constructed with a 16-inch bar which is a big beast, it is also compatible with one up to 18 inches if you need a bigger bar.

Tool-Free Chain Tensioning

You will not need a wrench or screwdriver to tighten or loosen the chain when you need it to be in a certain amount of tension during certain cutting work.


This has a lower kickback that is with the brake system making it easier to handle. This also comes with a chain brake that will bring the chain to a stop and prevent it to be accidentally engaged. They also provide a chain guard.

Despite its wonderful features, we need to talk about the setbacks that you might need to consider.

Take Note

The great power that the DCCS670X1 provides also comes with its con. It is one of the louder models out there so this might not be ideal when you are working at home as this might become a disturbance to your neighbors.

Although it comes with its auto-oiling system, you will need to drain the oil manually to prevent oil build-up if you are putting the chainsaw away for a little bit of time.

DEWALT DCCS670X1 Cordless Chainsaw Kit

This machine is a bit heavy but the weight is well-balanced, then you’ve to check the level of oil frequently which may be irritating for a few of the users. 

Professionals and novice chainsaw users will certainly make the most out of the Oregon Cordless CS250-S6 with its multiple features that will surely meet your woodworking needs.




Features That We Love

Power And Easy Start

With its incredible speed of 2300 RPM, that cuts at about a hundred 2” to 3” branches at a time. As soon as you push the on trigger for this chainsaw, it will instantly deliver its power that will keep running at the same speed even down to 25% of the battery power. Due to its no-fade battery, you are guaranteed full battery strength until its completely drained.

Powersharp System

This helps sharpen the edges of your chainsaw even while you are cutting; this gives you additional time and fewer worries of a dull chain.

Oregon has a user-friendly design so this machine is very easy to use which is quite good. One of the greatest additions for this equipment is the tool-less chain tensioning system which allows adjusting the machine without any additional tools.


The soft handlebars absorb vibration from the chainsaw which helps lessen fatigue from your hands. It also has a kickback safety mechanism in its chain and guide bar to give you security.

There is also a board that lights when your chainsaw is overloading or overheating. The chain break and trigger interlock will also provide extra security while you are using it.

Additional Points

It has noiseless motors, automatic oiler and a tool-free chain tightening system that will provide you maximum convenience while you use this chainsaw.

Take Note

It will only provide you at most an hour of use with its battery charge as this comes with a battery pack that is only 1.25 Ah and a max of 40 V. Be wary as oil can start leaking out with this model.


One of the major downsides of Oregon is the recharge time of the battery because it produces 400 cuts on a single charge, so to recharge a whole system, 4 hours is needed which is too long.

With medium woodworking needs, the EGO CS1604 will do its jobs as efficiently as it could. Its battery pack of 56 Volts gives it a little more advantage and power compared to other models.




Features We Love


In comparison to other models, this has a bigger batter size of 56 V that makes it run for a longer time and be a lot more powerful tool to cut through wood.

Bar Guide

This has a longer bar of 16″ that is a length suitable for handling larger diameters up to 32.5” of wood.

Cutting Speed

It comes with a 6800 RPM that will provide you with cuts at a much more faster rate and it will be smooth enough to your liking.

The EGO 16” chainsaw has a high-efficiency brushless motor which provides smooth cuts; this feature enhances both the lifetime and run time of the tool. It weighs less but lasts long enough to make it the worth. 

Water Resistant Construction

Since the work will be done mostly outdoors, this will shield it from sudden rain or accidentally getting wet from other liquid.

Additional Points

It has a brushless motor that adds to its many positive features. This comes with a chain kickback brake and a chain tension adjustment.

Take Note      

Since this has a larger battery, it adds up to its weight making it a little heavier. Some have also complained about the battery indicator light that may give false readings when indicating if its fully charged or almost low on power.

It includes a tensioning dial which is quite difficult to grip and turn the other tool-free adjusters; another drawback is an oil tank because it is difficult to fill. 

In terms of speed, the Kobalt 80 V Max-Volt does its job fast and with a slightly longer bar of 18” that allows it to cut through thicker wood. From cutting down a lot of trees during a storm cleanup to cutting logs for a campfire, this does its job effectively.




This has the highest voltage in the market and its brushless motor gives it a lot more power and motor life that you will surely appreciate.

Features We Love


This provides you with an 80 V rechargeable battery that fully charges in only 30 minutes, saving you a lot of time waiting around for it to be finished.

The cool feature of Kobalt 80-volt electric chainsaw is the automatic shut-off, if the motor is running continuously for 15 seconds, it will shut off the machine which saves the battery life.


There are helpful beep sounds when you switched this on and off, additionally, it will also make another beep sound for the electronic chain brake and whenever a kickback or error happens to notify you to stop, preventing any accidents and injuries.

Additional Points

This also has an auto-oiler which makes it easier to maintain the bar and chain and increase its life span. It also has a lower kickback so you won’t be as intimidated with it.

Take Note

This is heavier than most and might be a little harder to maneuver while working. Make sure that you drain the oil before storing it because the oil may leak during storage.

This chainsaw comes with a single battery pack so you need to have an additional battery on hand for a full day cutting task, oil leakages may also happen.

This is one of the most famous options in Greenworks products. It ranges from soft to hard timber cutting. This is a heavy-duty tool that can exceed your expectations.

This has a great amount of power that will provide sufficient use at your home and even recommended for non-professionals and professionals alike.

Greenworks PRO 18-Inch 80V



Features We Love

Battery Power

The main advantage of this chainsaw is its power, the heavy-duty 80 Volts provides great ease on cutting through different types of material and dimension. This also performs equivalent to a 45-cc gas-powered chainsaw which is powerful. The battery can be recharged in 30 minutes as well.

Cutting Performance

This is capable of an impressive number of cuts of 150 with one charge, which means you can do a lot of work done when you use this chainsaw. Its brushless motor boosts its efficiency.

The handle is constructed with a rugged metal so the grip is too strong; the entire chainsaw feels like a heavy-duty gas model. It has excellent power as it charges the full battery within 30 minutes. 

Additional Points

It will provide you with low noise and smooth operation. The 18″ bar also lets you cut up to 36″ in diameter of the material. A strong metal handguard also is provided to give you maximum protection when using.

There is also an electronic chain brake, auto-oiler that you see through a translucent window for easier management whether you are running out of oil or not. Unlike other models, you can store this away without the worry of oil leakage.

Take Note

Although it has a really good battery, it does have a little issue on run time, so you will need extra batteries to avoid running out of power.

This model is expensive if ever you are in a tight budget. It is also a lot heavier to carry around. Make sure that you don’t push its limit too hard as it may stall on you if you drive it into a thick trunk.

Some users feel that the chain has a tendency to slip specifically during cutting the light brush, so you need to pay attention to keep the chain tensioned at all times.

Next on our list is the DEWALT DCCS69OM1, another high-quality product that provides a quiet and easy start-up operation. This handles light to medium tasks around your home. It can cut through 14” diameters of material with its 16” bar length.

The 40 V lithium-ion battery it provides can at least do 70 cuts of wood or 45 minutes of work time. The brushless motor reduces friction when it is being used and gives greater ease. The rechargeable chainsaw takes about 90 minutes to fully charge.




Features We Love

Variable Speed Trigger

This allows you to adjust the speed according to the job that you are working on.

Tool-Free Chain System

When the chain starts to loosen, you can easily adjust it with the tightening knob to rotate the chain to its right tightness.

Narrow Kerf

The chainsaw bar has a smaller nose tip compared to other typical bars out there. With a narrow kerf, it lessens the need for power from the saw and it will cut more efficiently.

This chainsaw doesn’t produce much noise as it is much quieter when compared to any gas saw; also it has an automatic oiler system to ensure that the chain stays in perfect condition. 

Additional Points

This has kickback protection in that the chain brake also helps with lowering its kickback. It also has an auto-oiler to give proper lubrication for the chain and prolong its use. With a simple pull of a trigger, you will be able to start and shut off its system immediately.

Take Note

The flow on the oiler is not regular and it goes through a huge amount of chain oil that you need to keep an eye on to ensure that the reservoir does not run dry.

Occasionally the chain may damage the cover and make it stuck; also this machine uses a lot of chain oil so there are chances of leakages during storage.

For light to medium tasks, the Zombi ZCS5817 will do its job fast and efficiently. This is another model that is easy to use and has a good quality bar.

It has a 16-inch bar length that will be able to cut through a 14-inch material but this may drain your battery a little faster. Ideally, this is for a simple cleanup and cutting of fire logs.

Zombi ZCS5817 16-Inch



You can expect great use with its 58 V battery power enough time to do tons of woodworking jobs. The brushless motor also provides greater performance.

Features We Love

Double Guard 91

This is one of the best bars available in the market and it is good when you only use this occasionally. When you are using it, the 91-low profile chain helps with preventing kickback.


This is a good-looking chainsaw that also achieves comfortability for the user. The handle is rubberized while the knobs and switches are easy to reach when you are going to use it.

It has a unique design and comfortable ergonomics; in addition to that, there are well-textured handles which add to its ease of handling. This saw is suited for cleaning the yard and for cutting modest amounts of firewood.

Additional Points

This has a chain brake that will halt the chain when a kickback happens. But do take note that this has low kickback overall and reduces the risk of injuries. There are handguards as well to give you extra security.

They also have a chain oil system wherein you will only need to fill up the bar and need not to release it manually. You won’t have any trouble with the oil as there is a transparent window that will show you if it needs another refill.

Take Note

It weighs 16 lbs. and it is one of the heavier models out there. Do not expect this as an all-day tool and the rechargeable battery takes at least 2 hours to be fully charged.

It may not be durable enough for cutting large trees or for heavy-duty work; it’s quite difficult to use this machine because the construction is a bit heavy.

Well first off, Black+Decker is one of the world’s leading brands for power tools and this cordless chainsaw falls with the high-quality products they produce.

To begin with, this is lightweight which makes it easier to control and handle. This is best for first-time chainsaw owners that need to do small tasks around their garden; it is also a lot suitable for women and elders.




It has a 12″ bar length that will do well with light to medium tree logs. The 40 V battery might sound underwhelming in terms of its power but you will be impressed that for a smaller tool, this can give a powerful performance. It is comparable to a 45-cc gas-powered model.

Features We Love

Speedy Operation

With light duties of cutting firewood and thinner logs, you can expect a fast speed of cutting that is easily comparable to a gas-powered one. Its rate is about 5 M per second.


For smaller people, this is ideal to carry around anywhere. And even though it is a small power tool, it will provide you with a powerful use.

One of the biggest advantages of Black Decker is its portability so you can take it wherever you want. The automatic oiling system makes this product even greater. It is reliable and sturdy enough to do huge tasks without any discomfort.

Additional Points

This has a guarded blade to prevent accidents when these are around children and a button that will only start the chainsaw when you press it.

Take Note

This is for more of secondary use of a chainsaw and although this provides decent power, it still does present with the same power that a gas-powered chainsaw has. You also have to be wary with the oil being used up fast and you will have to regularly refill the oil reservoir. If you need a backup battery, this does not come with a replacement battery and you will have to buy it separately.

You’ve to keep the bar and chain oil handy because it has a very small reservoir, lack of oil capacity is a major downside of this product.

The Worx WG 322 is a great secondary chainsaw if you are not up for the inconvenience of a large gas-powered machine. Compared to others, this machine is easier as it is compact and easy to handle.

But it does it have its setbacks as it is not powerful enough for a heavy-duty task. If you’re a homeowner that only needs a little work done around their property, this may be a good choice for a cordless chainsaw.

Worx WG322 20V



This runs on a 20 V battery power enough to get 23 cuts on a block of thick wood. You can also get up to an hour of work for this.

Features We Love

Good for Tight Spaces

Since it is compact and has a short bar, this will let you work in tighter spaces and give you extra movement in a small area.

This battery-powered chainsaw is lightweight and therefore it is easy to handle. There is a battery indicator which continuously monitors the status of the battery and alerts you if it is too low.

Additional Points

Provided are the tool-free chain tension system and the ever convenient auto-oil system to lubricate the chains.  These are also quiet so as not to disturb your neighbors and you won’t have the difficulty of starting the engine.

Take Note

This can be a little too short of size for some people and might be uncomfortable. The battery is not as impressive compared to other cordless chainsaws out in the market.

Battery time could be even better because it can’t charge quickly, you need to upgrade to a new charger for that. 

Features to Take Note for a Cordless Chainsaw

We will provide you as best as we can the important things that you need to be aware of when buying the best battery-operated chainsaw:

  How To Choose The Best Battery Operated Chainsaw

Battery – this is an essential factor that you will be needing to look out for. Keep in mind that when the battery is larger, it has more power and longer charge that it can hold. Our recommendation is always to go for a lithium-ion battery especially a MAX one for an extended power life.

Also, choose a battery that will provide a longer runtime of around 2 hours and the shortest recharging time.

Motor – another good feature that a chainsaw should have is its brushless motor as this will provide you greater efficiency, outstanding performance, and less noisy engines.

Automatic Oiler – a good cordless electric chainsaw will have an auto-oil system that provides continuous lubrication for the chain to keep it running smoothly. This will keep you from oiling the chain manually and will reduce the risk of breakdown if you have not oiled the chain.

Portability – take note that a longer bar can be a lot heavier and also the weight of the battery will also add up to its total weight. Make sure that the size and weight of the chainsaw is suitable for your frame and you know you can carry it well.

Ease Of Use – this comes hand-in-hand with portability to make sure that the chainsaw has a comfortable grip to prevent you from getting tired of handling these as you work. But it is also necessary to know how to use a battery powered chainsaw properly.

Safety – these chainsaws should offer several safety features to prevent any accidents for you while you work. Choose chainsaws that have a lower kickback chain or even an anti-kickback feature to be safe. A chain brake will also be helpful in addition to safety measures.

You need to look at the essential safety measures of chainsaw if you are using it for the first time. It is also important to ask yourself these questions:

1.) What is your purpose for purchasing a cordless chainsaw?
2.) How often will you use the chainsaw?
3.) What is your level of understanding and experience with a chainsaw?

It is of utmost importance that you will practice safe handling with chainsaws. Always read the manual when buying a product to ensure that you are exercising the right way to use them and also be aware of the safety precautions.

With the guide provided, factor in your preferences and the features that you will be needing for the work you have in hand. When you have carefully considered your preferences, this will make it easier for you to choose the right chainsaw that will fit in your woodworking needs and as well meet the safety standards so you will have a secure handling of the equipment.

Well-known brands such as the Black+Decker can be your top choice if you consider a popular brand heavily; the Black+Decker battery-operated chainsaw will provide you with features that you are considering and function well according to your needs, especially if you are new to the chainsaw world, while a Makita XCU03PT1 will be the best cordless electric chainsaw for users who plan to use it for long term.

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